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Monday, May 7, 2018

[Udemy 100% Off Discount Coupon] - Irish Mythology

[Udemy 100% Off Discount Coupon] - Irish Mythology

Learn about the ancient Irish tales of gods, warriors, maidens, monsters and magic

Learn about Ireland's rich mythical past from the characters and stories of its Four Cycles of Irish Mythology. 
From the mysterious Túatha Dé Danann and fairy-people of Irish folk-belief of the Mythological Cycle, we will travel north and witness the deeds of the boy warrior Cúchullain as we go through the Ulster Cycle, before tasting the Salmon of Knowledge and sleeping under the stars of Leinster with the mighty Fianna in the Fenian Cycle, and finally take a tour through the courts of famous kings as we bring our journey to a close with the Cycle of Kings.  
These tales have been told around fires and at bedsides for millenia, speaking of ancient times; tales about the extraordinary otherworldy places, triumphant feats of heros, of mysterious creatures and evil phantoms, of gods and kings, of maidens and of monsters.
From the dense forests of Ireland to its chilly mountain peaks and its rugged coastlines, Éiru’s entire landscape screams out with the tales of her legends of the heroic sagas.
Chocked full of stories, analysis, and lots of useful resources this course will be your go-to reference archive for Irish Mythology.
This course is aimed at those who have little or no information about the myths of old Ireland, but is also detailed enough to engage those who are already fans and offer some new insights and perspectives. 
There's also heaps of bonus materials and downloadable resources. 
So what are you waiting for?
Begin your journey now...

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