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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

[Udemy 100% Off]-Go Programming for Beginners - Learn Go Programming (Golang)

[Udemy 100% Off]-Go Programming for Beginners - Learn Go Programming (Golang)


In today's world, Go programmers are in high demand. Go Programming for Beginners teaches you how to build scalable, high-performance applications in Golang using modern design principles.

The Go language handles the demands of applications by providing clean and quickly compiled code, garbage collection, an easy concurrency model, and an amaizing standard library. It's perfect for developing microservices or building scalable,  maintainable systems.

This course is the authoritative resource for any developer who wants to learn Golang. It teaches you how to write clear and idiomatic Go to solve real-world problems. You'll master Go  syntax, learn to work with types and functions, and explore bigger concepts like state and concurrency, with many exercises to practice what you learn.   Along the way, you'll learn how to minimize your dependence on external frameworks, and you'll discover valuable productivity strategies for testing and deploying your applications.

The course does not assume any prior knowledge of Go nor experience with any other language, so you’ll find it accessible whether you’re most comfortable with Python, Ruby, JavaScript or C++.

What you'll learn in this course:
  • Master the fundamentals of Golang
  • Learn about data types, variables, dependencies and control structures
  • Learn complex types, such as slices, arrays, functions, and interfaces
  • Explore Go’s package library
  • Learn how to create your own package
  • Build high-performance applications in Golang

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