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Monday, November 26, 2018

[Udemy 100% Off]-Islam Recitations, Practices,Definition, Religion Beliefs

[Udemy 100% Off]-Islam Recitations, Practices,Definition, Religion Beliefs


Most Of The Muslims Are Not Aware Of The Very Basic Recitations, Beliefs And Practices Of Islam That Are Compulsory For Every Muslim To Know And Without Which A Muslim Cannot Please ALLAH. Reciting Kalimahs Incorrectly,  And Mistakes In SALAAH , GHUSUL, WUDHU, And Incorrect Beliefs And Worships Is Common.I Had This Pain In My Heart As To How To Teach These Basics To Each And Every Muslim So That They Can Get Success In This Worldly Life And Hereafter, Then I Came Across This Website And Got An Idea To Gather The Islam Basics And Worships In A Single Course And Make Video Lessons To Reach Each And Every Muslim Easily. This Is A Must Course For Every Muslim Home, Because Now You And Your Children Can Learn The Basic Recitations , SALAAH(5 Obligatory Prayer) Recitations,GHUSUL , WUDHU, ISLAMIC COMMANDMENTS, Compulsory Beliefs And Practices Of Islam Right At Your Home Without Any Tutor Or Physically Moving To Different Places . This Course is All you need to Learn The Basics Beliefs Of Islam.Short Duration Video Lessons Have Been Made Covering One Topic In Each Lesson So It Becomes Easy To Recite And Learn. Images Are Saved In Resourse Where Needed In Different Lessons So That Students Can Practically Understand. Easy English Is Used Throughout All Lessons So That Anyone Can Learn.

This Course Covers The Following Topics:
  • How To Recite The Basic Kalimah To Accept Islam, And Kalimah Shaadah Correctly
  • How To Recite Eeman Mujmal And Eemal Mufassal Correctly
  • What Are The Seven Compulsory Beliefs Without Which Muslims Faith Is Incomplete
Introduction Of Five Pillars Of Islam
  • Authentic Answers To Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Muslims Beliefs
  • Learn What To Recite While Praying SALAAH (Surah Fatihah, Surah Ikhlas etc)
  • Learn How To Recite Correctly While Praying SALAAH
  • Learn Faraaidh Of SALAAH
  • Complete Method Of Salaah(Ruku'u, Sajda'h,Tashhahud)
  • DUA (Supplication) After Namaz
  • Learn How To Recite Words Of Azaan ( Call For Prayer)
  • Conditions Of Ghusul (Islamic Bath), And Wudhu (Ablution)
  • Method Of Wudhu , And Breakers Of Wudhu
Types Of Islamic Commandments
And Lot More....
These are not merely theoretical lessons. Rather each lesson is 100% Practical.

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