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Friday, December 21, 2018

[Udemy 100% Free]-Managing Stress for a Better Life

[Udemy 100% Free]-Managing Stress for a Better Life


The regular price of this course is £229, but students on Udemy are currently able to receive this highly reduced price.

Are you suffering from stress? Or know someone that is, and really want to help?

Then this course is for you!

It’s time to reduce what stress you can, manage what you cannot reduce, and start to have fun again.

MODULE 1:  What is Stress?
Topics covered:

What is Stress?
When is Stress an Issue?
What are the Effects of Stress?
What Causes Stress?
Types of Stress

MODULE 2:  Stress and Change
Topics covered:

The Biggest Driver of Stress is Change
The Holmes-Rahe Test
Managing Situational Stress
Anticipating Change

MODULE 3:  Money Troubles
Topics covered:

Money Troubles
Keeping Up with the Jones’s
The Reality of Wealth
The Three Levels of Sufficiency
Financial Setbacks
Long Term Stress and Saving
Finance and Relationships

MODULE 4:  Health and Lifestyle
Topics covered:

Health and Lifestyle
Diet and Nutrition
Stress and Addiction

MODULE 5:  Interactivity and Support
Topics covered:

Bottling Things Up is Bad for You
Your Support Network
Friends and Family
Outside Resources

MODULE 6:  Time and Obligations
Topics covered:

Stress and Time
Setting Goals
Planning for Future Stress
Work/Life Balance
No Downtime – Always on the Go!
Wrap Up

MODULE 7:  Fun and Relaxation
Topics covered:

Fun and Relaxation
Planning for Fun
Try Something New
21 Days To Form a Habit
No backsliding

MODULE 8:  Setting Goals and Planning for the Future
Topics covered:

The Three Ps
The Four As
Achieving Your Personal Goals

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