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Saturday, December 29, 2018

[Udemy 100% Free]-Peruvian Artisan Sewing Techniques - Make a Drink Coaster

[Udemy 100% Free]-Peruvian Artisan Sewing Techniques - Make a Drink Coaster


Who are we

Artesany offers artistic techniques that are not taught in the formal education; techniques related to artisan work from different regions. Our classes, unlike all competitors, focus on the cultural identity of the community and not on crafts marked by fashion. Our product offers our students the possibility of adding added value to their work and offers our producers (artisans) the possibility of generating new economic income and understand new ways to market their work linking it with technology. Artesany is a project that seeks to be profitable and generate social impact.

Artesany is still a young startup and has recieved incubator support by Telefonica Open Future and the Center of Innovation of Lima.

What do we represent

Most of us carry a busy life and have little time to travel and even less time to visit other countries to take classes from local artisans. Even if we had the time, it would be very expensive: flight ticket to another country, transport to the artisans town, hotel, food, etc. We feel you...Artesany wishes to connect artists, designers and other creatives with artisans that live in remote areas of the world. We want you to  meet these artisans through our courses, learn from them, ask them questions, and get inspired to create your own projects.

The objective of this course

After taking our course you will be able to make a drink coaster with vegetable fibers. Everyone can do it! That's what this course is all about - breaking down the steps of weaving a drink coaster with vegetable fibers. We hope this course can also be a break in your life, a time for you to discover and feel new materials, and enjoy a creative and fullfilling personal space.

Who is the teacher?

The Peruvian artisan José Manuel Ocas teaches us how to weave with vegetable fibers. He is a certified artisan by the Mincetur (Ministry of Commerce and Tourism of Perú). He has more than 30 years in his craft and is hired frequently by the peruvian government and NGOs to teach his craft to aspiring artisans.

Where can I find the fiber to weave?

This weave can be made with jute or any fiber you get in your city, in craft stores or amazon. Please get in contact with us if you need help finding the materials.

What will you be able to do with this course?

Learning this technique from the beginning guarantees that we will be able to work bigger projects later, such as handbags and carpets. Remember that any learning requires a lot of patience and that we are all capable of learning what we propose.

If you've ever wanted to jump right into basket weaving with vegetable fibers, but didn't know how - this is the perfect course for you.

How does this course work?

This course is taught by a certified teacher. The course teaches step by step how to make the specific project of weaving a basket with vegetable fibers. While it will be easier to follow along if you have some experience with weaving, it is not a requirement. If this course goes too quickly or seems too advanced for you, send us your questions. We are sure anyone is capable of finishing the project on their own, but we are happy to help.

Throughout this course, you will be working on your own basket weaving project. Each lesson is explained by a video.

Why should you enroll?

You should enroll if you want to quickly learn the basic building blocks of creating unique and artisanal drink coasters with vegetable fiber. We are always available to help out - as if you were in a live course. So if you ever get stuck or need something explained, you will find an answer. By the way, Jose, the instructor, has taught over hundreds of artisans in Perú and has years of experience in his craft.

Learning the techniques in this course means that you will not only be able to make a basket, you will be able to use the same technique to make purses, carpets, and other decorative home objects out of vegetable fiber.

We can't wait to see you in the course!

In what language is the course?

What moves the people working in Artesany is to bring to your home online courses from artisans all over the world. Some of them speak English but most don't. This course has audio in Spanish and subtitles in English. We believe the benefits of learning are far greater than the barriers of language, but we will be glad to help with any necessary translations!

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