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Sunday, January 13, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-"Another" 40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course

[Udemy 100% Free]-"Another" 40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course


[Optional Free Prerequisite Course: 40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course].

Welcome to "ANOTHER" 40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course. This is a free course to help you save time and money when creating your online courses. Learn from my mistakes. Creating an online course is easier than you think; in this course I will humbly teach you how to work smarter (not harder) by discussing 40 [ADDITIONAL*] tips/best practices I have learned the hard way teaching online over the past 12 months.

The Topics and Tips that we will Cover Include:
What Should You Teach Tips:
Tip #1: Make “PASSIONATE” Course Placeholders to Help You Decide What to Teach
Tip #2: “Educational Darwinism” (Read Other Course Reviews Before Making Your Course)
Tip #3: Using Udemy’s Insight Tool in Order to Decide What to Teach      
Tip #4: When to Stop Making a Course        

Content: Innovative & Helpful Course Content Creation Tips:          
Tip #5: Consistent and “Creative” Content Theme    
Tip #6: Idea Generation         
Tip #7: Multiple File Formats
Tip #8: Question Anticipation
Tip #9: Using Props  
Tip #10: Making Your Course International 
Tip #11: Creating Innovative Exercises         
Tip #12: Calculating the Length of Your Lessons     
Tip #13: Scripting Your Course        
Tip #14: Spurts of Inspiration
Tip #15: Write Confidently from Your Heart (Be Different and Unique and Free!) 

Course Structure Tips:
Tip #16: Fast and Slow Navigation Options 
Tip #17: Structuring the Logic of Your Course Outline        
Tip #18: Immediate Value Added and Impact Strategy         

Design Tips: Visual Design Idea Tips:
Tip #19: Design for Mobile  
Tip #20: Screen Casting Using QuickTime [Mac Only]       
Tip #21: Screen Casting Using PowerPoint [Windows Only]          
Tip #22: Providing Internet Links as Resources the “Correct” Way 

Setting Up Equipment Tips:
Tip #23: Intro. to Setting Up Your Equipment, Recording and Editing from Scratch
Tip #24: Setting Up the Camera, Lights, Microphone and Computer
Tip #25: Recording the Video, Editing the Video and Uploading it to Udemy         
Tip #26: Getting Help from Udemy in Order to Perfect Your Videos+Best Practices          
Tip #27: Using and Setting Up a Teleprompter
Tip #28: Removing Echoes   

Appearance and Health Tips While Creating Courses Tips:
Tip #29: Health(ier) Desk Setup       
Tip #30: Cosmetics + Looking Camera Ready
Tip #31: Looking Less Tired 
Tip #32: Whiter Teeth

Delivery Tips:
Tip #33: Get In “Your” Friendly Personable Zone to Teach 
Tip #34: Staying Upbeat When Teaching      
Tip #35: Use Language That Won’t Get Lost in Translation & Easier to Understand

Additional Editing Tips:            
Tip #36: Leave Room for Captions   
Tip #37: Adding and Customizing Images for Your Lessons with PowerPoint       
Tip #38: Selecting/Adding Music to Your Lessons  
Tip #39: Making a Video + Animation + Adding Pictures + Music from Scratch   
Tip #40: How I Made and Edited the Previous Lecture (Fun)!          

I will be making an annual free course like this one every year* that discusses solutions to problems I encountered during my year of creating courses so that you won't have the same issues that I have had (and therefore you can work smarter and not harder).


Closed captions have been added to all lessons in this course.

 [Optional] Please also watch last year's course by searching Udemy for the free course called: "40 Tips on Making a Great Online Course."

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