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Friday, January 18, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Find Jobs in UAE | Visit Visa Tips| Urdu Hindi Language

[Udemy 100% Free]-Find Jobs in UAE | Visit Visa Tips| Urdu Hindi Language


Welcome to the  This Professional Training course, ''Find Jobs in U.A.E | Visit Visa Tips| Urdu Hindi Language'' |  this course is in Urdu Hindi language. You will able to learn

Job searching techniques and how to go United Arab Emirates on visit visa for job search, How to arrange your bed space and all those things which you have wish to know related to United Arab Emirates market from scratch.

If you do not know any one in United Arab Emirates, After completing this course you will have confidence to travel alone and find job by yourself.

This is the only course taught by a  Professional Mechanical Engineer

After the completion of this course, you can get a Full Knowledge of UAE market.

I will be permanently updating content so you can be Up-To date with the industry.

I was involved in the  Different construction and engineering related companies in United Arab Emirates (Dubai).

This course is designed for sub continent people, I tried to cover relevant topics in the industry.

  • Why United Arab Emirates
  • Why you should visit
  • Introduction to the market
  • Competition Market
  • How to Plan your Job Search
  • Best Months for Job Search
  • Important Holidays and Dates
  • In House Planning
  • Out House Planing
  • How to Attest your Documents
  • For University Graduates (Engineers/Doctors/ MBA's etc)
  • For Intermediate (+2) or Diploma Holders
  • For Metric/10th Grade Students
  • People with no education
  • How to Create Your Gulf Standard CV & Job Card
  • Important Items for CV
  • CV Standards
  • CV Check List
  • CV Samples
  • Importance of Job Card
  • How to create job card
  • sample Job Card
  • How to create Profiles on Online Job Portals
  • Importance of online Application
  • List of Job Portals
  • How to create Profiles
  • list of recruitment agencies
  • Types of Interviews & Contracts in UAE
  • Importance of Interview
  • 2 Categories of Interviews
  • How you can enhance number of interviews
  • Types of contracts
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Contracts
  • Working on visit is possible or not ?
  • Consequences of working on visit visa
  • Important things to check in Offer letter
  • Important Mobile APPS During Your Stay
  • Recommended Mobile APPS
  • List of mobile Application you must have
  • How to purchase Mobile SIM Card
  • How to use internet packages
  • Importance of 2GIS
  • How to use 2GIS
  • How to purchase VISA and Air Ticket
  • How you check visa and ticket charges
  • How to get cheap rates
  • from where should you buy these
  • How to Handle you Luggage
  • List of important items to pack
  • Size and maximum weight of your luggage
  • importance of hand carry
  • Where to go after Landing at the Airport ?
  • How to face immigration
  • How to find metro station
  • How to get metro card
  • Metro Map of the city
  • UBER and TAXI services
  • How to find accommodation and Food
  • Importance of Dubbizle app
  • best places for accommodation
  • Tips for food and breakfast
  • What should be my Daily Routine in UAE for Job Search
  • Morning tips from 6 am to 12am
  • After noon Routine Tips from 1 pm to 4 pm
  • How to save your money during stay
  • Important things to do daily to get more interviews
  • How to motivate Relax your Self
  • List of best cheap places
  • Important websites to check best places
  • How to check 2GIS to search places

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