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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-General Knowledge :: A detailed MCQS in English

[Udemy 100% Free]-General Knowledge :: A detailed MCQS in English


What we cover:
We will start from very basic details like predicting simple squeeze. Then few math questions are there. Module two is dedicated for our solar system where will ask most common questions about planets and other sun and stars in our galaxy. In both this section, we will ask you more than fifteen questions. You will get five seconds to guess your answers. After that we will explain which the right answer is and why other option are listed there or what is mean by other options.

So once you watch your first question, actually you are learning about four questions, and that’s why this video is very lengthy. So by the end of this video you will definitely learn a lot about seven important modules.

Module three is dedicated for questions “around the world”. Here we will ask you, questions about seven continents, like which one is bigger and which one is smaller and which countries more crowded. We will discuss about rivers and mountains. After that we will focus to “two main countries in Asia”, we will discuss about few the main historic leaders of these country as well as few important questions about current leaders of these countries.

We have a dedicated section for “science and Technogym” where we will discuss about most famous inventions of our great scientist like Isaac Newton's, Albert Einstein, James watt, Thomas Edison. While we try to discuss most of the common question about science, that you might expect for competitive exam. Also we tried our best to makes these video simple as much as possible. So by the end of this module you will be able to answer all the important questions about this scientists and scientific discoveries.

 Then we have module about India and Indian state and Indian state capitals. All the listed questions are in English (very simple), and you could check this answer at the end of the each question. You will get some time to guess a answer. In Order to get most out of this video, we request you to use a paper and pen. Write your answer, and calculate how good you are able to score.

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