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Thursday, January 24, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-The Grades Are Easy Course

[Udemy 100% Free]-The Grades Are Easy Course


There is a big problem amongst students right now with regards to their perception of how to learn, and it is costing them getting high grades, despite working hard. There is an art to learning, and you will not be taught a lot of this course's content in school.

Many students are told to "work smart" - but what does this mean? After making this course, I would say that it is more important for students to become self-aware about their habits and learning how to study in the best manner possible, before even focusing on a subject. Strong foundations should be built beforehand to enable enhanced levels of academic success.

For students:
This course will allow you to go away and make you focused, motivated, and determined to succeed as a student.

It will allow you to become more aware of yourself, how to use your resources correctly, how to tap into the networks of your peers, teachers, family, friends, and tutors to improve your grade very quickly.

You will be able to work into classes and know exactly where you need to fill in your knowledge from the lesson to have more understanding about your learning and grade.

So you when you’re at your desk, you will become very effective at absorbing content as well as using the content from books and information on the internet in the correct way so you know how to become knowledgeable and understand the principles of your work.

Get knowledgeable about how to help your child and how to improve their learning abilities.

Course Design:
The course is designed into 6 modules.

Introduction and statistics of the problems that students are dealing with right now in class and in the society.

How students are subconsciously programmed from childhood and why it affects their learning habit, techniques, and grades.

Look at how to find and utilize your success team to succeed quickly as students.

How to find quality resources for your learning content and what order to do it in.

Mental well-being, and how to deal with negative behaviors that can hinder the learning experience.

Talk about the three-point model, a master plan, and how to become a mark scheme “hacker”.

Each module has video presentations of slides, complimented by video presentations of myself teaching you.

There are also evaluation forms to get a very simple and visual representation of the strengths and weaknesses of the student. There are worksheets used to consolidate learning for students or parents doing the course, so students and parents’ children can master their study content from schools.

Resources are also given to help assist you outside of the course to go and implement.

Dear parent or student, if the steps in this course are followed whole-heartedly with action and hard work, the grades will come.

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