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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Java I/O Course in English

[Udemy 100% Free]-Java I/O Course in English


Java I/O

‌It is used to process the input and produce the output.

It uses stream to make operations faster.

java io package contains all the classes for IO.


‌Sequence of data

Stream is made of byte

‌Java FileOutputStream:

‌output stream used for writing data to a file

Java FileInputStream :
It is used to read data in the form of bytes from file. It is used for reading byte-oriented data like audio, video, image and etc.

Java BufferedOutputStream:
It internally uses buffer to store data.

It is more efficient way to write data than FileOutputStream public class BufferedOutputStream extends FilterOutputStream 

Java BufferedInputStream:
BufferedInputStream class is used to read information from stream It internally uses buffer mechanism to make the performance fast

Java SequenceInputStream

Java SequenceInputStream class is used to read data from multiple streams.

It reads data sequentially

Java ByteArrayOutputStream

It is used to write common data into multiple files.

It holds a copy and forwards it to multiple streams.

Java DataOutputStream

It writes primitive Java data types to the output stream in a machine-independent way.

Java DataInputStream

It reads primitive data from the input stream in a machine-independent way.

What is character encoding?

Since every data in computer is represented in bytes and Strings are essentially collection of characters.

To convert bytes into character JVM needs to know which combination of bytes represent which character and this is what character encoding tells JVM.

There are many languages in the World like English, Tamil, Telugu and etc.

This is the reason why we need to give correct character encoding while converting the bytes to String.

Java FileWriter

It is used to write character-oriented data to a file.

Unlike FileOutputStream class, you don't need to convert string into byte array because it provides method to write string directly.

Java BufferedWriter

It is used to provide buffering for Writer instance.

It makes the performance fast.

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