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Sunday, January 27, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Master the Logical Puzzles (Volume 1)

[Udemy 100% Free]-Master the Logical Puzzles (Volume 1)


Successful companies as well as recruiting agencies use increasingly more pre-employment testing to find out the most competent candidates. When the required skills include analytical abilities, logical thinking, problem solving skills and creativity, employers often choose the logical puzzles for recruitment tests (and also for the job interviews).

I’ve been on both sides of this game. As a young specialist looking for my first (second and third :) ) job I tried to be in good mental shape and solved a lot of logical puzzles. Then as a manager wanting to hire the cleverest  people to my team I’ve developed the recruitment tests with  logical puzzles. I’ve reviewed the hundreds of puzzles used by the large financial institutions and leading IT companies and collected the most interesting questions. In this course I wish to share my experience and help you to go through recruitment tests and get the job of your dream.

Master the Logical Puzzles contains 4 sections according to the types of logical puzzles:

Each section has about 10% of theory and 90% practice in examples and quiz in the end of the Section. The course also includes

Entry Quiz to assess your current level of proficiency in logical puzzles solving and decide wether you need this course

and Final Quiz to measure your progress after the course completion.

Let’s get started!

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