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Thursday, January 24, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Microsoft Excel Advanced

[Udemy 100% Free]-Microsoft Excel Advanced


MODULE 1:  Grouping & Outlining and Subtotals
Learning outcomes: Useful Excel functions to summarise a spreadsheet making the data easier to identify and explain.

Topics covered: Outlining and Grouping Data
Using the Subtotals Tool

MODULE 2:  What-If Analysis
Learning outcomes:  Tools designed to help with forecasting and finding solutions to  complicated problems involving your spreadsheet's data and formulas.

Topics covered: Exploring Scenarios
Goal Seek and Data Tables
Using Solver

MODULE 3:  PivotTables
Learning outcomes:  Creating Pivot Tables in order to display and summarise large quantities of data effectively.

Topics covered: Getting Started with PivotTables
Displaying Data in a PivotTable
Formatting a PivotTable
Using the Classic PivotTable Layout

MODULE 4:  Charting Pivoted Data
Learning outcomes: Introducing Pivot Charts, adding specialist pivot charts to the already excellent Pivot Table feature.

Topics covered:
Getting Started with PivotCharts
Using the PivotChart Tools Tabs
Formatting a PivotChart

MODULE 5:  Advanced Excel Tasks
Learning outcomes:  Here we will look at sharing Excel files along with adding hyperlinks and Custom AutoFill Lists.

Topics covered:
Excel and Hyperlinks
Using Custom AutoFill Lists
Sharing Workbooks

MODULE 6:  Creating HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP Functions
Learning outcomes:  Exploring the different Lookup functions, and how to add further functionality to a spreadsheet to reference particular data quickly and  effectively.

Topics covered:
Using the VLOOKUP Function
Using the LOOKUP Function

MODULE 7:  Introduction to Macros in Excel
Learning outcomes:  Explore how to create your own Macros and introducing Visual Basic  for Applications, the application Macros are created in.

Topics covered:
Recording and Playing Macros
Copying and Deleting Macros
Visual Basic and Macros

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