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Sunday, January 27, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Microsoft Project Introduction

[Udemy 100% Free]-Microsoft Project Introduction


MODULE 1:  Introduction to Microsoft Project

Learning outcomes:  Understand how to start Microsoft Project, creating a Project file and navigating through its many commands.

Topics covered:
Starting Microsoft Project
Identify Project Components
Open, Create and Save a Project
Getting Help in Project
Setting Project Options
Setting Non-Working Time

MODULE 2:  Creating a Project Plan
Learning outcomes:  Understand how to add project tasks, set task dependancies and contraints.

Topics covered:
Setting Manual/Auto Scheduling Modes
Entering Tasks and Durations
Adding Task Dependencies
Adding Constraints and Deadlines
Adding Recurring Tasks

MODULE 3:  Adding and Assigning Resources
Learning outcomes:  Effectively adding a pool of resources and assigning the resources to tasks within a project.

Topics covered:
Create a Pool of Resources
Adjust Resource Calendars and Costs
Assign Resources to Tasks

MODULE 4:  Formatting and Printing the Plan
Learning outcomes:  Exploring different settings and options to help present and print your Project to professional standards.

Topics covered:
Formatting Text & Text Styles
Formatting the Gantt Chart
Printing the Gantt Chart
Running Project Reports

MODULE 5:  Tracking Progress
Learning outcomes:  How to track a project's plan effectively by using tools to monitor the progress of tasks.

Topics covered:
Saving the Baseline
Updating Tasks
Displaying Progress Lines and Tracking Filters

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