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Monday, January 28, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Google Searching & Security: The Complete Guide !

[Udemy 100% Off]-Google Searching & Security: The Complete Guide !

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---Welcome to this course ---

Internet is now a very big thing. It's like Most Intelligent living organism on the planet. It's know Everything ! Including Who are you ??, Where Are you ??, What you are Looking for ?? Where you looking for ?? and A lot of thing related you.. It's here to help you But at the same time hurt you.. But the question is how well you know about Internet ??.

In simple :

The more you know about internet. the better you will be friend of it. And it will give you the treasure of Knowledge and whatever you wished in matter of seconds.

But there is questions ( Internet as Friend ) :
How you tell your friend what you want ??
How you tell your friend from where you want ??
A Few secret language your friend understand most ??
few awesome things which you required in your daily internet life ??
How to do searching privately ??
What if some time you need to hide your identity ???
What is something Blocked in your country and you don't have access of it ??
What if you wanna make sure that your privacy and your internet life is secure ???
Allow me to answer all these question in this course :)

This Course is all about internet including privacy, security, better Web Searching with Google Search features and a lot more . Simply Everything you ever need in your daily internet life.

In this course you will learn about :
Installing browser, customizing it and few awesome keyboard shortcuts.
Better understanding of Google.
Fun with Google secret search features.
Unique way to tell Google what and from Where you want data with Google Operators.
All essentials Google product and services from where you can find what you want.
A secure private browsing in different browsers.
A services you can search or browse internet with your friends, family or colleagues.
Best and Secure password management tools and techniques.
My favorite, Anonymous Searching : Hiding you identity on internet. masking your IP, Unblocking blocked websites. Making A private network with VPNs
Most Imp, Security : Protecting your self from common attacks. Secure banking transactions with tips and Tools.
Few cool tips and tricks
And A lot....... !

After completing this course:
You will become master at searching web and master at hiding your self on internet from wherever you wish. you will be more secure online, you will know your privacy , you will be able to manage your passwords, you will have a great online sessions with your friends from anywhere in the world and most important you will know Google secrets and it's operators.

This course is all about to providing you all the required skills you will ever need in your daily internet life.

So Lets get started ....... !

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