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Monday, January 14, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Productivity Masterclass

[Udemy 100% Off]-Productivity Masterclass


Not having to follow a strict Schedule and having the freedom to decide what to so and when to do it are two of the most common reasons why people are opting to work on their own either by becoming independent contractors, freelancers or entrepreneurs.

And believe me, I reach my seventh year working as a home based video production freelancer this is still one of the biggest perks of this career path, but as good as it is it comes with some challenges. The biggest one of them all: Remaining Productive.

If you are one of those people working from home, you already know the drill: You start very energetic and you are ready to tackle every task in your way but then you realize that you also have house duties, that you have to prepare breakfast and lunch, that your kids are there and you have to take care of them, that your wife/husband require your assistance for something among many more. Not to mention all the additional distractions around you, like your phone, the internet, Netflix, videogames, etc.

Unfortunately all those factors take their toll on your productivity and if you don´t put a stop to it, you will simply not be able to work from home for much longer. That is essentially why I have created this course. Inside it I will share with you proven strategies that I use to be as productive as possible and have helped me move my freelancing business forward in the last couple of years.

So either if you have been working home based for some time or you are just starting out, this course will help you on identifying your biggest distractors or productivity killers, on finding the proper working space in your house, on knowing the value of your time, on dealing with procrastination, on tackling numerous tasks and on boosting your productivity by leveraging or delegating part of your work.


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