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Monday, February 18, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-16 Mindset Shifts To Attract More Purpose, Play, & Growth

[Udemy 100% Free]-16 Mindset Shifts To Attract More Purpose, Play, & Growth


"The World Is What You Think It Is"

By changing the way you think you change your world. In this action-based course you are going to learn 16 powerful mindset shifts that will open you up to attract more purpose, play, & growth into your life.

Includes PDF Workbook Filled With Exercises

In each video you will receive 1 action step to complete to reinforce the insight & bring actual results to your life. (To make taking action as easy as possible this course comes with an interactive PDF workbook).

By The Time You Finish This Course Your Mindset Will Be More Appreciative Of Life:

You will live from your heart instead of your mind

You will realize at a deep level that your natural state of being is to feel good

You will make the decision to begin again, right now, in this moment (leaving behind your old stories

You will see that you play an intimate part of a much bigger story

You will realize you're the teacher you've been looking for

By The Time You Finish This Course You Will Take Action To Grow Into Your Potential:

You will evolve past playing the victim in your life

You will see that every obstacle (including the biggest one you're facing right now) exists to help you grow

You will understand why willpower is an excellent servant and a terrible master

You will see why being careful is sucking your life energy (and gain the courage to go faster even if it means breaking a few things)

You will identify your Truths in life and learn to be more selfish with them

By The Time You Finish This Course You Will Approach Work As Play With A Sense Of Purpose:

You will see that you ave a critical role to play in Life (whether or not you see that now)

You will understand at a deep level that you are here on Earth to create, not just observe

You will realize that although you may not see your own power, others do

You will learn how to turn your work into playing with purpose

You will own your power and start taking action towards your dream now!

You will deeply feel that you don't have to work hard to feel safe & supported (it is your birthright)

About Your Instructor:
These mindset shifts come from my obsession with Spirituality which includes the 50+ Spiritual books I've read, experiencing what it's like to live in 7 different countries, watching endless videos, and having countless conversations on the subject.

I've already taught over 100,000 students through my online courses. So far it's mostly been teaching business topics but Spirituality is my main passion which is why I'm so excited to deliver this course to you!

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