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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Turkish Grammar Fundamentals

[Udemy 100% Free]-Turkish Grammar Fundamentals

This free Turkish Grammar video course was made for both beginners and novice speakers to learn the fundamentals of Turkish Grammar. Each grammar topic is described jargon free and on point to save you time. There are enough examples to understand each grammar point for each topic.

The topics are divided into 30 Days or 30 lectures, but you don't have to finish every topic in that amount of time. You should spend at least 5 days on 1 lecture.

In this lecture you will learn about the following grammar topics:
1. The Turkish Alphabet
2. Vowel Harmony and Consonant Assimilation
3. Present To Be Marker
4. Past To Be Marker
5. Verbs
6. Present Simple (Aorist) Tense
7. Genitive and Possessive
8. Present Continuous Tense
9. Case Markers
10. Spatial Postpositions
11. Past Simple Tense
12. Question Words
13. Adjectives
14. Determiners
15. Adverbs
16. Numbers and Measurements
17. Past Continuous
18. Conjunctions
19. Future Tense
20. Modal Suffixes
21. Gerunds
22. Causatives
23. Passive Voice
24. Conditional Sentences
25. Reported Speech

This video course was originally uploaded to the Turkishaholic Youtube Channel, but I also wanted to share here so that more people can get access to this course.

Please download the free PDF transcript of this course (after the introduction video) and follow the video course with that PDF. Don't forget to visit the Turkishaholic website and the Turkishaholic Youtube Channel for more free videos.

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