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Friday, February 8, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-VBA Excel - Free preparation for the Master Course

[Udemy 100% Free]-VBA Excel - Free preparation for the Master Course


Hello, my name is Casegna Alfonso is a computer lecturer specialized in Office and beyond.

I created this  FREE VIDEOCORSO  to  initialize the student to the programming in VBA in view of the Complete Guide that I will publish shortly.

Another reason why I decided to free this course is because I think it is essential that the student tests the teacher. This must  be able to explain complex concepts in an extremely simple way. The student must evaluate if the teacher has the right competence in the field and entrust him with total trust.

The first thing I want to emphasize is that:  "This course was created for those who have never had to do with programming in VBA or other languages."

An IMPORTANT  requirement  is knowing how to use Excel well ... so Formulas, Functions, Macros, etc must be part of your repertoire. In case I strongly suggest you start from my Courses: Base, Expert, Master Level.

Something more about the Course

In reality it is not a course in itself, in fact, it is an extrapolation of the  VBA COURSE - THE COMPLETE GUIDE that I will publish shortly  .

The decision to take this path is dictated by the fact that those who approach programming for the first time must be guided step by step to acquire a  SOLID BASE. So the path will be full of examples, tests, questions and above all a lot of practice. Believe me when I tell you that topics like, Object Programming, Structured Programming, Variables, Constants, Properties, Methods, Routines, Function, Constructs must become your daily bread and then take the big step.

From experience I can tell you that:
1. Everyone can learn to program in VBA.

2. Excel VBA is a simple and versatile language that allows you to create truly powerful applications.

3.To become an Advanced user, in the VBA field, it is necessary to rely on Basi Solide.

4. Dedicating the right time to something while respecting Rules and Methods always leads to achieve the goal set.

The  VBA Excel Course - Free preparation for the Master Course  will allow you to learn the basics of programming in order to face, as you really should, the next step, that is the  VBA COURSE - THE COMPLETE GUIDE

The CORSO, along the way, will also be integrated with additional material useful for strengthening and testing what the student has learned.

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