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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Writing Techniques and Secrets

[Udemy 100% Free]-Writing Techniques and Secrets

Based on Udemy goal, these courses provide in different  ways for writers. Designing  of story and screenplay with new techniques. As a writer you should write the best ideas at first , DESIGN structure, design characters, and then with two elements design your PLOT for screenplay.

These course based on creates original idea at center of story in climax. just in 0.1 of second! At the moment of creativity, you’re brain sparks 10 per second for find the original spark and idea. You learn that how use of factors for grabs fundamental ideas.

Thousands are of incomplete screenplay shoot in trash bin. In these classes you make a screenplay with use all of dramatic elements. Discovering and get idea sparks need to the focus in main idea and dramatic factors: characters, suspense, unity, archetypes, structure, and etc. These course is about original screenplay and story structure design. Get sure idea and grow it to plot and structure. In this way you can write Dramatic story.You will no boring rewriting ways with this techniques.

1. Encourage you learn lessons carefully and make sure how work the  create idea process
2. Students grows original Ideas in 4 STEPS:1- Logline 2- Synopses 3-Treatment 4-Screenplay
3. The students discover the secrets of professional writing and screenplay
4. Prompt students to create ideas and solve the problems in class projects

You will write idea/synopses and screenplay based this techniques. You will create attractive and original ideas for your story and screenplay. Goal of this course is:
1- You learn how create and write ideas in new techniques
2- You can grows original Ideas in Logline, Synopses, Treatment, Screenplay
3- Create attractive screenplay in every genres
4- Deliver their high quality ideas or screenplays to producers
5- Save the time and avoid waste budget
6- Ability to screenplay analyze
7- Ability writing in other branches: Novel, Story, Logline, Screenplay

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