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Thursday, February 14, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Stock / Forex Trading With Fibonacci And Technical Analysis

[Udemy 100% Off]-Stock / Forex Trading With Fibonacci And Technical Analysis


What does this course means to you?
it's different for everyone...!

Before telling you how this course can change your life, let me talk about my story...

it was a time when i was learning about stock market...

Knew technical analysis and traded regularly,
I was comfortable with everything... indicators, strategies, support, resistance and all other thing.

but every time I worked on live market...

I can apply things on past data, but was always blank on live market. I was never sure where to enter or exit a trade.
Mostly my stop loss got hit and resulted in losses... Other times I closed my trades in between and again faced loss

It was 6 years ago when I realized this problem and lost over $20,000 in this!

I really wanted to make it succeed in any way and then I realized that I need to go deep in the ITALIAN FIBONACCI...!

The Super Magical Golden Ratio and all that stuff which our ancient traders have been using in there time...

I started reading some blogs and articles, attended many Seminars worth thousands of $$$ and even paid to best mentors to learn this

but the problem was that one person said to do this and another said to do that :(

It took me 4 years of my life to finish my research on Fibonacci and come up with my own strategy...!

After that as you already know, I have  created 5 other Internationally Best Selling Courses, authored Market Secrets and designed so many successful Stock Market Programs and Helped Thousands of Traders In Their Trading...!

But there was always one thing in this journey which i wanted to share... It was never some Golden Ratio or Magic which made me succeed... rather it is Emotions that leads to Fibonacci Trading...!

That is the reason of creating this Fibonacci Course,
So That I Can Help Every Single Person Who Is In Exact Same Spot Where I Was :)

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