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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Calculus - Differentiation masterclass

[Udemy 100% Free]-Calculus - Differentiation masterclass


By completing this course, you are going to be able to determine the derivative of any kind of function. I'm going to show you the necessary theoretical background in a nutshell. Then I show you lots of practical examples! I believe that you should always learn through solving problems! That's why I made this course practical and I also give you a chance to practice on your own!

The course starts from the definition of the derivatives and goes through the differentiation techniques one by one. In every section, the theory is summarized briefly and then I show more and more complicated numerical examples. These sample problems are going to help you understand what you have to do! Finally, there is always a checkpoint at the end of a section to test your knowledge!

I believe in learning through examples so the course is highly practical. If you want to practice even more, you can stop the videos and make an effort of solving the numerical examples by yourself! Or at least you can solve the problems I give you at the checkpoints!

You don't need much of a prior knowledge to take this course. If you know the basic operations and some details about the basic functions, you are good to go! To understand the differentiation based on the definition of the derivatives, you need some background in calculating the limits of functions. If you only need to learn how to differentiate functions as a whole, you do not even need to know about limits. I'm going to clear the necessary details during the lectures, so do not worry about the challenge!

This course is primarily designed for university/college students who are learning single-variable Calculus and have to deal with derivatives. If you are struggling with this topic, let me help you! Here you are going to get every help that you possibly need! If you have already completed this topic but you feel like you need to practice the basics, you are also welcome in this course!

I hope I can help you with this course just like I've already helped more than 5200 students with my other courses! I can't wait to see you inside! Have fun and learn a lot!

Note: this course covers the topic of single-variable derivatives. This is introductory level calculus. If you hear about derivatives for the first time, this is your course! If you need multi-variable differentiation (partial derivatives), you should look for an other course. Check out the curriculum for details!


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