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Friday, March 1, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Desander And Desilter-Hydrocyclone Advance Course

[Udemy 100% Free]-Desander And Desilter-Hydrocyclone Advance Course

Drilling fluid circulation in oil and gas well is like blood circulating in human body. If our body organs dont work properly to screen out impurities from blood it result severe skin,heart, arteries and other diseases. Same is the case with drilling fluid.   Drilling Fluid carry coarse and fine drilled cutting and other impurities while coming out of wellbore. if   cutting and impurities are not removed, these contaminants will disturb mud properties (Yield point, Plastic viscosity, fliterate loss) resulting in high drag, high pressure, thick mud cake and eventually pipe stuck. Pipe stuck may result in huge economical loss. Shale shaker are used to remove coarse solid particles greater than 75 micron. Whereas Desander and Desilter are used to remove fine particle (20-75 micron).

Hydrocyclone have vital importance for solid control on drilling rig mud system therefore its very necessary to understand hydrocyclone or desander and desilter working mechanism and their prominent features. 

Course  focused will be Desander and Desilter also called hydrocyclone or cyclone.After taking this course you will know.
- What are Desilter-Desander,hydrocyclone or cyclone.
-Importance Desilter and Desander
- Different techniques for controlling solid in mud systems
- Working principle of Desilter and Desander
-Hydrocyclone Working mechanism
-Main parts of Desander and Desilter
-Solid control technique
-Hydrocyclone Installation
- Hydrocyclone efficiency affecting factors
- Working pressure of Hydrocyclone
- Pros and Cons of Hydrocyclone
- Cut point
-Separation Curve
- Types discharge from hydrocyclone
- Problems and their trouble shooting.
- Performance indicators
- Hydrocyclone other industrial application

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