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Friday, April 12, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Lessons on Sex and the Mindset to Making Love Last Long Term

[Udemy 100% Free]-Lessons on Sex and the Mindset to Making Love Last Long Term

----!!IMPORTANT!! If this is the first course you're taking with us we have to give you a fair warning... You can't expect the same results as someone who has worked on every aspect of their relationship before this by using our other courses. Sex is not about sex... it's about everything else around sex! But with that let's continue!----

By incorporating all that you have in the previous modules, you can now start to dive into that bedroom life with Part 8. For many people they think that this section is the holy grail and should be part NUMERO UNO! But the truth is without laying down a proper foundation of love and appreciation your sex life stands NO CHANCE. Yeah, NOOO… CHANCE... This module is going to teach you how to approach sex in a way that will lead to more sex, not distance you from it.

· Root out some of those mindsets that have become ingrained in us about sex as you gain a foundation for what your bedroom life should look like
· Find out how our culture has created what we call the Intimacy Illusion in our relationship, and how to stop it
· Take turns learning about how you each like to get down to business with a conversation format that will open you up to greater passion
· Then… well… apply what you’ve learned! We’ll give a way to do this in a way that isn’t pushy and will foster trust and openness. Maybe not the sexiest words, but they’re the underpinnings of a great sex life.
Here we go! Last but not least it’s time to graduate with some mindsets you must incorporate to make your love last Fivever. Not only will you learn things you need to do and stay away from, we’re also giving you the bottom-line most important things you need to take away and apply from each module to create a Fivever love.
· We’re going to talk about the Growth Grind and how your actions at this stage will determine your success in the relationship long term
· Discover where to get advice from in your relationship that will lead to victory (not violence)
· Learn how the comparison game has you worrying about all of the wrong things as well as how to get out of this trap
· We’ll then end with the single most important take-away from every module that you must implement if you are to have a Fivever-Love

Be sure to be on the lookout for our other separate courses on Udemy that make up a love that lasts Fivever! In truth, all were made to be taken in sequential order (things work WAY better that way). There are 8 different parts that make up Fivever Love:

Part 1: The Foundations of Fivever Love

In this section you're going to gain an understanding of all the basics you need to know to make your love last fivever. This is all about laying a proper foundation that you can build off of.

Part 2: Masterclass on How Relationships Work

This section is going to be all about the psychology around what makes relationships work or not work!

Part 3: The Secret Weapon of Relationship Happiness... YOU!

This section is all about giving yourself the appreciation you deserve! It's all too easy to care more about others than for ourselves.

You're also going to understand the power that you have to make your relationship into something for the history books!

Part 4: The Communication Blueprint

The foundation of everything in your relationship is communication. It's a doozey of a section, but it's going to be critical in making a love that lasts Fivever!

Part 5: Workshop on Decision Making for Your Relationship

In your relationship, you're going to make a TON of decisions together. This section is where you're going to learn all about how you can make them in a way that moves your relationship forward!

Part 6: Seminar on Keeping That Spark Alive

This section is going to be all about learning how best to put your partner first. After all, relationships are places you go to share and give to each other. Not places just to take!

You're also going to learn how to reignite that spark in the relationship! We're going to show you how you don't need a ton of money or fancy techniques!

Part 7: The Art of Relationship Finances

In this section prepare to learn the ins and outs of getting your finances on track as a couple! 

Part 8: Lessons on Sex and the Mindset to Making Love Last Long Term

In this section we're going to talk about how to get your sex life back on track together! Just remember that more sex and passionate sex come from everything else you've learned in this course!

We're also going to take you through the mindsets and concepts you must understand if you're really going to make your love last long term!

--Important-- If you've been following along, however, congratulations! When you're finished with this final course you'll have laid the foundations for a love that lasts long term!

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