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Sunday, April 21, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Process for Emotional & Perceptual Alchemy

[Udemy 100% Free]-Process for Emotional & Perceptual Alchemy

Gaining a deep understanding of what transformation is precisely actually initiates your transformation. Transformation is a process involving emotional, perceptual, and physiological transmutations that foster mind, body, spirit alignment. That is, mental and emotional clarity, physical wellness, and spiritual expansion. Transformation is not about trying to become a better person according to standards established by society and culture, rather it is about returning to who you actually are.

In learning of this process which teaches you how to elevate yourself out of the psychological and emotional remnants of unresolved emotional trauma, it will organically tailor itself to you. In general, what one can expect from this is a movement away from inner chaos rooted in convoluted core beliefs that foster shame and fear, and toward the actual truth of you.

Like an artichoke, you consist of a complexly layered personality and ego construct, much of which was originally designed to protect you; for your physical survival. These constructs originated in the context of relationship. This is why as you transform your relationships will inevitably transform. Not just your interpersonal relationships but also your relationship with other facets of life experience. The outermost layers of you, those you have been taught are good are what you show to the world and to yourself. Through these outer layers, like a window to a house, we will be peering into the deeper layers within you. Those you currently have no idea are even there. Diving into the habitual patterns that have become seemingly ‘independent’ from you will lead to profound insight and allow you to regain your free-will. Until we becomes aware of them our tendencies are learned responses keeping us in the past; they are not chosen responses to the present. This is why we feel we are not growing as much as we know we are capable of. Transformation is about re-gaining control of our emotions, thoughts, or energies - not by rejecting them, rather by understanding and healing them, and then choosing alternatives.

This begins with recognizing the positive intention behind our tendencies and triggers and thus acknowledging the hidden intelligence from which they were born as survival strategies. This is self-compassion in action. Just like how understanding others leads to loving them more, you will begin to love yourself more. The implications of this are life-changing because you will accomplish perceptual, emotional, and physical body alignment as a result.

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