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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Building Architectures with AWS CloudFormation

[Udemy 100% Off]-Building Architectures with AWS CloudFormation

CloudFormation by AWS is one of the easiest and  best ways to deploy your infrastructure as a code. It helps you create efficient solution architectures, which are all self contained in a single file. You are able to provision most of the AWS services in an efficient and simple fashion allowing you greater control over your provisioning.

This course is designed to give you a hands-on overview about the deploying CloudFormation templates in AWS.

Course Description

Welcome to Building Architectures with AWS CloudFormation - A one of its kind course! It is not only a comprehensive course, you are will not find a course similar to this.

In this course, you'll learn and practice:
Understanding of what is CloudFormation
Learn how to deploy a CloudFormation templates
Learn how templates work
Deploy a webserver using cloudformation designer
See how various AWS services use CloudFormation ...
See CloudFormation in action, and much more.... 

In this course, you will also get complete resources, and code where applicable with this course! We've built this course with our Team ClayDesk of industry recognized developers and consultants to bring you the best of everything!

So, if you would like to:
- Gain an understanding of deploying CloudFormation templates, this course is for you
- Gain marketable skills as an IT expert and professional, this course is for you
- This course is not designed for intermediate or advanced level students

...this Building architectures with AWS CloudFormation is exactly what you need, and more. (You’ll even get a certification of completion)

What out students say...

See what our students say “It is such a comprehensive course that I don’t need to take any other course but this one to learn all of Machine Learning processes and important terminology along with demos - Absolutely worth it” - Chavez

“This is such an awesome course. I loved every bit of it – Wonderful learning experience!”  Jill Neumann.

Join thousands of other students and share valuable experience

Why take this course?
As a senior Project Manager & Web developer, managing and deploying enterprise level IT projects, along with a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer & Trainer, my experience with Machine Learning projects has been phenomenally great! I am excited to share my knowledge and transfer skills to my students.

Enroll now in Building architectures with AWS CloudFormation today and revolutionize your learning. Stay at the cutting edge of enterprise cloud computing — and enjoy bigger, brighter opportunities.

See you in class!

Qasim & Team ClayDesk

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