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Thursday, May 23, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Crash Course into Web Frameworks 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Crash Course into Web Frameworks 2019

This Udemy course is based on the module I’ve been teaching to my Bachelor's students. The entry requirement for this course isn’t strict, I believe that everyone having basic programming knowledge of any web related programming languages like PHP or JavaScript or Python will be able to cope with this material. This course is also for those who had some experience with Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal, but would like to try something more flexible. A distinctive feature of frameworks is that they give us rules, but, in general, don’t give us restrictions. A distinctive feature of Content management systems is that they give us a ready-made system usually tailored for a blog or news site, but you have to take into account all these smart features to make something beyond the defined scope.

Nowadays, the word of web applications is closely bound up with web frameworks, the trend-setters and big corporate products like Instagram, YouTube, Dropbox are made using frameworks and this crash course gives you a crash introduction into this field.

In the beginning, I’m gonna give you an overview of the topic and then I’ll explain all the necessary basic steps to choose the right code editor and to set up your development environment. Then we go straight to the development of 2 simple web applications using 2 popular and different type frameworks. One of them is a back-end PHP framework Laravel and another one is a front-end JavaScript React framework. Exploring the features of these 2 popular frameworks will give you a notion of basic nature behind back-end and front-end frameworks

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