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Monday, May 20, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-How to start freelancing on Upwork as a photo editor

[Udemy 100% Off]-How to start freelancing on Upwork as a photo editor
In this course i will show you how to become a successful freelancer - photo editor, and photo retoucher on Upwork.

I will show you how to start freelancing, setup your Upwork account, and how to build your portfolio even without previous online work done.

You will learn how to make your Upwork profile SEO friendly, so that you will rank better on Upwork's internal freelancer search results.

Then i will show you what basic skills are needed to start getting payed as a freelancer on Upwork, how to look for a job, and how to apply to a job post, and how to response to the job invitations you will get from the clients.

I will point you out to some great, free online photo editing tutorials, and if you practice them, you will become a successful freelancer, and you can start editing pictures for clients very fast.

You will get a chance to see it first hand, "live" finding a suitable job post, doing the actual photo editing and submitting the proposal to a client.

Then i will show you some examples of Photoshop skin retouching, and some product photo editing, body transformation e.t.c.

You will learn a bunch of little details about selecting the right job or client for you.

Overall, you will get a little inside of the freelancing work on Upwork, and you will know how to start freelancing as a photo editor and retoucher in the most simplest way.

This is a beginners course, developed to be a "freelancing for beginners" type of guide, and its for students who want to know how to become a Freelancer , but don't know where to start from.

I will update this course with new or improved videos, and you will get lifetime access, to all the new and updated content too.

** New update, i have added additional section about body transformation with Liquify Photoshop.

** And a short list of the most usual types of requests that i get from the clients, in hope that it will help you to narrow down the list of the skills that you need to learn first.

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