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Monday, May 6, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Human Resources: Building A Great Team For Small Businesses

[Udemy 100% Off]-Human Resources: Building A Great Team For Small Businesses

Employee Headache?

He or she just walked out on you?
Leaving you in the lurch.

It’s tough for small-business owners.

Or you just got rid of your unmotivated employee despite your laborious hiring process?
And you don’t even have all the time and high wages.

These are some of the challenges most small businesses go through.

Through this course, you will develop the needed skill to manage
this most delicate aspect of resources.

That is; The Human Resources capital.
That are motivated, productive and stay.

As a small-business owner, you know staffing and maintaining
a motivated team is a major challenge.

Possibly you don’t even have your own customized
Human Resources System --Document!

(At the end of this course you will be able to design one by yourself for keeps.

Many of us, as small and medium scale business, resort to hiring on our own.

But unfortunately many do it the wrong way.
Many can’t manage their employees either.
Because that hasn’t been your area.

Yet you can’t do without your workforce if you must do the job or
even for a modest growth.

You don’t know how and who to employ?
You are overburdened.
You are not maximizing your profitability.

With hires that stay, you know your business could do more.

You have limited resources or little money to pay wages?

You also wonder how other small businesses like yours
have blossomed with low turn-over of staff.

You can’t even retain those you sweated so much to recruit, train
and have shown all the “care”.

I have seen all these as a small business owner in over 30 years
and in other small businesses I have studied.
It took some time to discover what went wrong and what should be the right approach.

The faults are from you and I, as employers of labor.

(Our sentiments which becloud our objective judgement during the recruitment exercise;
especially if you are a solo business man)

The faults are also from the system and the procedures you put in place,
if you have any at all.
Small business recruitment is more delicate than in the big and established organizations.

Come with me...

Why This Course In The First Place
Because it has been proved by research several times,
that Human Resources is one of the major challenges small-businesses face.

What Is Unique About This Course?
It shows clearly the missing points between small business owners and their intending employees.
The marriage starts from there.

You will get to see the details in the course on how to go about this
foundational shift in thinking; to reduce high employee turnover.

Important for small businesses. But not as relevant to big organizations.

It is based on my over 30 years’ experience as a small business owner in various industries;
and sieved from MBA background (since 1991.)
The course is therefore more pragmatic and shy of theories.

This Course MIGHT NOT Be For You…

*This is not for students who wish to study formal Human Resources or
HR management from an academic perspective.

It is strictly for small and medium based business owners
who want to apply what gives immediate results.
No theories. No research HR or behavioral tools.

What You Will Learn Will Include:

You will be able to do a self-assessment of yourself and those of desired employees.

You will be able to appraise the business itself, for its Human Resources’ needs.

You will be able to develop a working guide for the hiring and employee management activities.

You will be able to build an employee pipeline and how to become a result-oriented interviewer.

You will know how to establish employee engagement strategy and build your company’s culture.

You will be able to minimize office politics -- as the business gets bigger -- to guide against loss of business.

You will learn the procedures of employee discipline and disengagement within labor laws and ethics. With less distrust.

You will get an insight on how to initiate a disciplined Strategic Support Team
so that the business can be more productive beyond you.

You will be able to initiate, plan and design a simple Human Resources (HR) System or plan
which will become your document for future use.

You will be able to know how to motivate your employees.

You will able to know how delegate without you doing it all, yet the business becomes stronger.

And more…

Sections And Broad Topics Covered:
1. Self-Appraisal of The Owner/Manager
2. The Business Appraisal
3. The Hiring Process
4. Employee Engagement and Staff Management
5. Employee Discipline and Disengagement
6. Designing Your Simple But Powerful Personnel System
7. Quizzes and exercises and
8. Compilation of your own HR document for life
9. and more
Your Possible Reservations About This Course

Not to worry, there is no fluff. We go straight to the pertinent issues.
You learn the skills and can be applied immediately.

If you wonder where to start?
You MUST START at the beginning to get the flow.
You will eventually build your own HR document.
It’s easy!

If you have questions for me after the course, I am available
to answer them in the right compartment of this platform.

BUT please finish the course, your answers might be there.

You are wondering if the content can be relevant to your business, country or locale?
The content shared in this course is universal, so there nothing to worry about.
It’s about human behavior and business system.

You are probably wondering if this course is all that you need; for your
Hiring and Employee Management as a small business owner.

For enhanced productivity, motivated employees and your peace of mind?
The answer is Yes!
It would do.

The course gives a clarity of mind. It empowers you to discover more.
It also gives you a strong foundation based on the mentoring experience
of over 30 years in the field.
Of course, you may go deeper in other niche courses elsewhere.

If you are bothered if ideas applied in this course could derail your business,
I can’t be sure of how you put them to practice.

I don’t have any control over that.
But be rest assured the content have worked for me and
others I have observed over the years and painstakingly studied across the world.

You wonder what your already established, profitable small-business
could benefit from this course…
Aside from the course fee, additional knowledge is never a loss.

Be assured you will pick some things that could pleasantly surprise you.
Successful and smart business owners strive to learn new nuances
across all industries and other places every day.

“I can get all information on the web and why would yours be better”,
you say to yourself.
But this course gives you an opportunity to learn in a more organized and concise package.

You are saved the sweat of going after disjointed resources, here and there.
You don’t have all the time.

What if you don’t enroll in this course now?
It means you are happy with your current results.
You are NOT desirous of additional knowledge.

You never can tell of a few surprises that could ease your efforts
about being a business owner.

Somebody said;
“Always ask for advice. Keep a beginner’s mind. Always, be curious,”
I cannot but agree with him.

That’s how smart people thrive. And the secret is, doing it forever.
It is fun.

Enroll Now!
So what are you waiting for?

The course comes with a money back guarantee,
should you consider no single nugget of an idea has been discovered by you.

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