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Friday, June 7, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-GRE Verbal Text Completion Series

[Udemy 100% Free]-GRE Verbal Text Completion Series
The course contains the patterns of Text completion that is commonly asked in the GRE Test. It will help students to understand the problem pattern which will help them in solving it easily.

Trick to solve all the text completion:
Do not merely try to consider each possible combination of answers; doing so will take too long and is open to error. Instead, try to analyze the passage in the following way: Read through the passage to get an overall sense of it. Identify words or phrases that seem particularly significant, either because they emphasize the structure of the passage (words like although or moreover) or because they are central to understanding what the passage is about. Try to fill in the blanks with words or phrases that seem to complete the sentence, then see if similar words are offered among the answer choices. Do not assume that the first blank is the one that should be filled first; perhaps one of the other blanks is easier to fill first. Select your choice for that blank, and then see whether you can complete another blank. If none of the choices for the other blank seem to make sense, go back and reconsider your first selection. When you have made your selection for each blank, check to make sure the passage is logically, grammatically and stylistically coherent.

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