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Monday, June 3, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-How to Buy houses on a Lease Option

[Udemy 100% Free]-How to Buy houses on a Lease Option

Welcome to my Lease Option Course where  you will learn how to control houses and make money with beautiful houses without every taking ownership of a property. You never have to qualify for a loan. You never have to complete a credit application and yet be able to make a nice 6 figure income each year.

Most real estate investor's that utilize this technique make a minimum of $5K per deal. How's would you feel about doing 1 a month and making more than most people do on their JOB? Also, imagine moving into you own house, assuming you don't already have one. How exciting would that be?

Enroll in this highly sought after course and you will learn
Step by step process of acquiring the deed on beautiful houses in gorgeous neighborhoods
What you need to do business
What you'll need to know
Setting up your team of professionals
How to locate Motivated Sellers
What are Target Properties
Why it pays to work on higher price houses
How to avoid risks and protect yourself
How to Market to and pre-screen buyers quickly
What documents to use
Why you should use a Real Estate Attorney to close your deals
How to make $10K a month using just this technique
Why it may be helpful to outsource 90% of your work
In the past this information was included in high priced seminars. This absolutely qualifies as potentially life changing information in the way you can increase your income and even move into a house of your very own!

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