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Friday, June 14, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-The Missing Comprehensive And Hands On Docker Course in 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-The Missing Comprehensive And Hands On Docker Course in 2019

Course Last Updated 7/1/2018 for Docker 18 and Docker Compose v3

This is just one-hour crash course you've been looking for to master software development with Docker.
Docker Compose? We got it. Docker Swarm? Covered. Docker Service? Included!

What is Docker?
Embrace changes in how you develop your application!  Embrace the power of Docker! Embrace the revolutionary Container technology to give you a tremendous boost in developing your applications! Docker is leading a new way how we do software development with ease and confidence. No more environment issues that work in my computers but not in yours. Use Docker to ensure smooth deployments among development, staging and production environment.

How this course is different from other existing courses in Udemy?

Take you the least time to master Docker and use it ( 1 hour video content and 1 hour for hands on practice) I know your time is precious and create no waste in course content.
COMPREHENSIVE  We cover the most important and features of Docker and what it takes to get started with Docker from Development to Deployment.
This is a hands on beginner course. You learn Docker by doing it rather than knowing it. We included the theory and concept at minimum level.
Updated as of July 2018. Docker releases new features even four years after released. It is important to know the latest development of Docker. In this course we do not use obsolete APIs.
This course is an absolute beginner course that give you essential knowledge and practical walkthrough to master and use Docker in LESS THAN ONE HOUR.

What does this course cover?
This course covers what you need to know as beginners to get started with Docker technology.
While the length of this course is just an hour, we do not sacrifice the coverage of the course. This course is comprehensive that COVERS understanding the Docker Image, use of Docker Registry, Hands On Experience with Docker APIs to manage containers in Command Line Interface, Use of Docker Compose to set up multiple services, Customisation of Docker Image using Dockerfiles, Docker Swarm Cluster, Deployment of containerised applications using Docker Stack, and Service APIs. Of course! You will learn how to install Docker on different operation systems. Not only we will cover concepts but also we will walk through how to write Dockerfiles, docker-compose YAML file and deploy apps to Swarm Cluster. All these walkthrough helps you build confidence using Docker in real world projects.

What does this course not cover?
This is a COMPREHENSIVE but not a COMPLETE course on Docker. This course does not cover complex topics that you do not need at the beginner level. Tedious topics such as Volumes, Networking and Secret Management are not covered and will be offered in another course. We will just use the default setting for networking and volume in this course. I assured you that we will just need to know enough about network and volume for getting started with Docker. You will be able to apply most of your use cases and just learn the advanced networking, volumes and secret concepts after you are comfortable with the basic knowledge of Docker.

Learning Support
We give you the text direction for the frequently used Docker commands and the practice materials for trying it yourself like source code. You can also ask questions

30 days money-back Guarantee, I offer you a chance to change the way you develop your applications. If you cannot feel the immediate change bought by this Docker course after completion, you can submit full refund request to Udemy within 30 days of purchasing this course.

Continuous Improvements To This Course
Docker was released five years ago and every year, Docker rolls out new features to make Docker more powerful especially for production use. I personally keep updating my knowledge in Docker and I will update existing lectures or publish new lectures as needed. Your feedback on the course content is welcome!

What are you waiting for? Just enrol in this course to get started with Docker!

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