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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Self-Esteem: The Right Way (Social Skills Confidence Set)

[Udemy 100% Free]-Self-Esteem: The Right Way (Social Skills Confidence Set)

- Self Esteem Course 1: How to Be Funny

Being funny really isn't an easy thing, but "How to Be Funny" will make it so much easier you will start wondering why everyone can't stop laughing around you! The course covers a total of 9 topics on how to master comedy and become funny to other people. It will teach you everything you need to know, from the most basic stuff to some advanced techniques, as well as tips on how to adapt in the future.

Here's What You'll Learn:
Why humor is important, as well as when it's appropriate to use it.

The importance of taking risks in order to learn what type of humor fits different people and situations.

How to study, learn and practice being funny.

How to find the optimal moment to be funny, and the optimal moment not to.

How to make your signature joke that you will have as a plan B wherever you go.

How to balance the edginess of your jokes depending on the people you're with and the current atmosphere.

How to combine everything you've previously learned for maximum effectiveness.

- Self Esteem Course 2: How to Start a Conversation
"How to Start a Conversation" provides clear and easily-understandable guidelines on how to approach strangers and start an actual conversation that will be engaging and that will show to the other person that you are an interesting and funny person. It has two main parts, the first, where the theoretical background and importance of first impressions is explained, and the second that consists of the seven steps you need to follow in order to make successful first conversations with different people.

Here's What You'll Learn:
How different conversation styles evolved throughout history and to the present days.

10 basic rules that you need to follow in order to make great conversations.

The science behind first impressions and the importance of your conversational skills on making them.

How to have the right mindset and the proper approach when starting a conversation.

How to break the ice with tested and successful openers.

How to be charismatic and not turn people off, so that the conversation goes as long as you'd both like.

How to open up opportunities for future conversations.

How to end the conversation in the right manner.

- Self Esteem Course 3: How to Talk to People
"How to Talk to People" will give you clear guidelines on how to approach people, how to start the conversation and, most importantly, how to lead it. With a bunch of examples, tips and tricks and theoretical background, the course is bound to give you all the necessary skills you need in order for your conversations to be fluid and flawless. Don't miss out on this perfect opportunity to become a great conversationalist!

Here's What You'll Learn:
How to prepare and have the right mindset to have a conversation with the desired person.

How to learn to listen to the other person, take their hints and signals and know how to lead the conversation into topics that will be interesting and engaging for both sides.

How to ask the right questions, when to ask them, and how to design them to achieve what you want.

How to talk about yourself and share your personality with the person you're talking to in the best way possible.

How to master body language.

How to build a trusting relationship with the other person and increase your chances of having other engaging conversations with him/her.

Some neat practices on how to improve your conversational skill without too much investment.

- Self Esteem Course 4: How to Flirt
"How to Flirt" gives you clear guidelines, tips and tricks, and, most importantly, real-life examples on how to behave and deal with certain situations, all with the goal of giving you the knowledge that you can immediately implement in order to effectively flirt. No matter, your age, sex or demographics, this course will be the perfect guide to fully understanding how to communicate, flirt and date better than ever before.

Here's What You'll Learn:
The mindset that you need to have before even trying to flirt.

How to make use of physical and eye contact, but not overdo it.

How to communicate, compliment and be funny.

What is the mindset that you need to evoke in the person you're flirting with.

How to put all these aspects into action and practical use.

- Self Esteem Course 5: How to Attract Men
"How to Attract Men" has more than enough information to set you on the right track to becoming the ultimate magnet for men! The course gives you clear and well-structured guidelines on how to seduce and pick up men, as well as giving very interesting insight as to what men truly want to see, hear and feel, on many levels, starting from the most obvious things, and going all the way to the most primordial feelings and attractions.

Here's What You'll Learn:
How to use the body language in order to convey the message you want across the board.

How to fully utilize modern technology and online dating methods.

How to communicate, flirt and seduce almost any type of man.

How to sexually arouse him and make him crave for more.

Once you get a man to be attracted to you, how to keep him that way.

- Self Esteem Course 6: How to Attract Women
"How to Attract Women" completely demystifies women and gives you clear guidelines on how to approach them, flirt with them and keep them interested successfully. It also gives you directly applicable practical knowledge, as well as the theoretical background you need in order to better understand women. It doesn't matter just how awkward or boring you were before - this guide will show you exactly how to stop being like that and actually become attractive to women of your choice, step by step.

Here's What You'll Learn:
How to prepare yourself and get the right mindset for flirting.

How to find your strong and weak sides and how to exploit them to your advantage.

The "Seven Sacred Steps" of attracting a woman.

How to build a connection and communicate.

How to understand the reactions of the woman you're communicating with and adjust accordingly.

How to incorporate all of the above in your behavior for maximum effect.

You have made an excellent decision by choosing to learn more about condfidence and self-esteem. So, don't delay it any longer. Take this opportunity and Enroll Now!

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