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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-How do you get a Solutions Architect job? - 7 core lessons

[Udemy 100% Off]-How do you get a Solutions Architect job? - 7 core lessons

Are you looking to move into a Solutions Architect role. Do you find it quite difficult get a promotion and facing stagnation?

As Solutions Architect you will deal quite a lot with NFR's. Ever wondered what would be the NFR's required of a Solutions Architect itself? Note: this course does not teach you technical aspects.

You may be appearing for AWS Solutions Architect Certification or Azure Solutions Architect Certification or Google Solutions Architect Certification or any other Solutions Architect Certification. However, do you know the Solutions Architect's role for sure? Is it only to do with technology?

If so, then this course will of immense help to you. I am aware of your pain here, I can also say, you are not alone. It was one of the questions during my own career to which I did not have any answer back then. This information is not available on the internet. It is also not focused and/or discussed as much. What is discussed are various technical aspects of solution architecture. There is a big catch 22 here. If you do not get a SA role, how do you perfect yourself for the role? Or is it correct?

Is there a way to master the role, before getting the job. So that once you get the job you are super ready? What does it take to be a SA, how is it different from Technical architect or Development work. These are some questions that this course answers, it gives you seven lessons / steps that you can understand and practice starting today so that you become better at what ever you are doing. These are like open secrets and while it is widely known, aspects like personality, the ways to cultivate them properly are ambiguous. For this  reason this course does not impart you technical knowledge and it gives you a necessary insight on what this role is and how you can transition in such a role.

From one view point, this is a course not only for SA. The course will be beneficial for any one and in any field. There are lot of experience based information is given in the course. It was useful for me and really hope it is useful for you as well. If not you satisfied you are free to get a refund.

So join the success that many people have had. After its resounding success of this on Core Thoughts School, we now feel it would benefit wider audience if we release it on Udemy. Please do post your opinion as review comments or in the discussion forum as it would perfect your intuition and makes you more bold. Thanks.


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