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Tuesday, July 2, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Artificial Intelligence Concepts - AI 101

[Udemy 100% Off]-Artificial Intelligence Concepts - AI 101

Artificial intelligence is a broad term that generally refers to any computer system that replicates human intelligence. As such, a lot of use cases can come to mind from predicting the stock market to vacuuming floors. Where the real opportunity in artificial intelligence lies is in the ability to perform pattern recognition to automate repetitive tasks. At Spotflock, we see a lot of success with customers who are trying to solve a problem centered around automating a task that a human might not be very efficient at, such as tagging people, products, and locations in millions of images or recommending content to people they’re more likely to engage with.

Some of these tasks are impossible to scale without something like machine learning to take on the computational burden. The challenges to machine learning are now mostly around having the right combination of use cases and training data. By taking advantage of new research into reinforcement and transfer learning, we’ve built our tools to minimize the amount of training data you need, which is important because where AI and machine learning will succeed is in the ability to tune the models to your data and your needs.

A single, grand, machine learning model trained with all the data in the world will not perform as well as one created with your data. What we’re going to see in the near term are smaller, more focused machine learning models that will learn quickly, and can be deployed on-demand like a compute or storage resource.

So, what is this course all about? Well, the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is extremely broad, and to become an expert in this field can be very difficult since a strong background in computer science as well as a proficiency in programming languages is required. We wanted to eliminate these barriers and democratize AI.

And that is why we have partnered with Machine Learning experts and professors with a cumulative experience of 80+ years to introduce the first Zero Coding Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course using our very own Zero Coding Machine Learning platform, Spotflock Studio.

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