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Friday, August 16, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Step by Step

[Udemy 100% Free]-Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Bootcamp Step by Step

New lessons coming soon.

[Topic] - Getresponse step by step email marketing funnel system.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing business is the most prefered way if you have no budget or if you don't have any product suitable for sale. This is a kind of reference system so when you refer any of the product to someone and if they buy that product you can get your commission.

Why Affiliate Marketing or Why Not Dropshipping

Most of the instructors say that dropshipping a startup business model, you don't have to make stock, you don't need any money, you can start from zero etc.etc..etc.....

But I will strongly say that dropshipping is not a kind of business that you can start from zero. What do you plan when your first orders come to your door and you don't have any budget to cover that.

What if your customers will refund your product and you don't know what to do.

What if your customers write any bad review of your seller page or seller account in amazon, ebay or aliexpress etc.

Dropshipping business model is not a kind of easy job that every body can handle the process.

However affiliate marketing is a business model that you can start from zero. Even you can use your facebook account in order to promote your product if you have no budget to run advertise campains.

You don't need to handle the returns, reviews, or etc.

There is no any business model you can make easy to hit the lottery but you can start a growing business with affiliate marketing and passive income.

Passive Income

If your business can make money after you stop working , this is passive income. Every writers, singers, movie compaines etc can earn passive income.

Q: Are clickbank or other kind of affiliate marketing business models suitable for passive income?

A: Yes. Because when you promote any of the product on social media you don't have to promote everytime. It is in the pages and it will stay on the pages. When someone see that and visit your offer you will get your commission.

Q: Can every affiliate marketer earn passive income?

A: No. If you are not set up your business correctly your passive income is not grow enogh. But if you find your product correcly and promote your campain you will have a growing passive income day by day.

Active Income

If your business can't make money after you stop working, this is an active income.

You can make your business active and passive income together.  But you should focus on your jobs which is based on active and passive together.

Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon has offer affiliate marketing panel.By this panel you can get your tracking id and when this id added any of the product and you refer them other peoples after sales you can get your commission. As you think you can promote physical product on amazon affilate marketing.  As an instructor I'm plannig to create amazon affilate marketing lessons.

Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

Our lesson is the clickbank affiliate marketing. In this lesson you will learn how to be get used in clickbank panel or dashboard and marketplace. And we are mainly based on how you can find products suitable for passive income. Selecting product is the most important part of your passive income. If you select your product suitable for passive income you will have a growing passive income business system. After that we will focus on email marketing platforms.

If you have any question feel free to ask us. We will response every question as soon as possible..

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