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Saturday, August 3, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Create High Impact Content For Your Blog and Sales Videos

[Udemy 100% Free]-Create High Impact Content For Your Blog and Sales Videos

Create High Impact Content For Your Blog and Sales Videos

Use the Marketing Superpower of Content to Make Your Offer Irresistible.

What you'll learn

Get Rapid Results from your marketing.

Cut the fluff and only engage in the marketing that grows your revenue.

Build a Profitable Online Presence that puts money in your pocket and Reduces your Stress.


You should have a product or service to sell.

You should, and I know this might come off as cliche or just a dialogue, but you must be ready to Take Action on the Training. I am NOT interested in providing you "sense" of work by putting out just another marketing training. This is Result Oriented Workshop/Training.


Rapid Results Marketing Training for Online Teachers

Which of the following Marketing Courses would you FINISH?

An 18 hours course teaches you marketing.

A 20 hours course teaches you digital marketing.

A 23 hours course teaches you social media marketing.

I understand that in-depth content is supposed to be valuable and this is a solid, solid value.

BUT the Overwhelming majority of the students who enroll, don't even start the course in the first place. Those who start, don't finish. Those who finish, very few of them actually take action on what they learn.

If you sell, or if you are looking to sell information online, like, teaching people excel, word, or math and physics. maybe you are a programmer teaching online and you are looking to grow your revenue, I have a Breaking News for you.

You DON'T get paid for learning how to market your content. You get paid by Marketing your content.

We need to REDUCE the time we spend on learning and INCREASE the time we spend on applying what we learn in our real businesses.

and I get it. Enrolling in, or to be specific, actually learning from courses reduces our learning curve, lesser trial, and errors. which is important.

But you need to invest your time in learning marketing that gives you Rapid Results.  You should be able to SEE, Exactly How you are going to grow your revenue Starting This Month.

Hi. My name is Kaivalya. I Write. Plain and Simple.

I write Sales Letters for Small business owners from Medicine, Meditation, Education and B2B Industries. I help them with what words to say in the video. I help them write better headlines on their website. I help them build profitable Ad Campaigns with Google and Facebook Ads. That's the simple way of saying, I am a copywriter.

Rapid Results Marketing Training is 40 Minutes Marketing Workshop that will enable you to SEE how you can get more sales THIS MONTH with a lesser hassle.

So, what do you actually learn in Rapid Results Marketing Training?

Well, Instead of TELLING you that

You are going to learn how to get more customers without starting a Discount-Race to the bottom.

You are going to learn most used sneaky but 100% Ethical 5 Marketing hacks that, if applied properly, are guaranteed to grow your sales from online as well as offline marketing.

Instead of Reveling you that

You are going to learn A simple way of Presenting the Same Sales Message To The Same People Multiple Times Without Sounding Even Remotely Salesy, Obnoxious or Weird.

How to Build Massive Goodwill while Selling Your Stuff Online AT THE SAME TIME.

Instead of telling you all that, How about I SHOW you exactly what you are going to learn in the next 40 minutes after you enroll in this workshop.

But you must have a video course or a product or a service that you can offer to people.

If you are an absolute beginner, even though I know that, In this workshop, you can learn A LOT of things that Most Marketing Experts just Won't Share. So, you are welcome to enroll, if you choose to do so. But I believe, I can help you even more if you have something to sell.

If that's you and if you liked this informal intro, Go ahead and watch the trailers of all the lessons above. NO CREDIT CARD REQUIRED.

If you liked the trailers too, and If you want to learn the whole thing to really grow your revenue this month, I would be stocked to see you inside.

Hi everybody, this is Kaivalya here. I will skip the fancy introduction.

The name of this video is how to get more sales online hassle free using content marketing.

I know that’s what you want to do and that’s what I want to show you how to do. So, let’s get started.

There is a tiny small problem with using content to position yourself as an authority and get more sales.

There are millions and millions of people typing something in their keyboards across the world. We are not the only ones. It is hard to actually make this successful unless you really know what you are doing.

Buuuut, there are millions of people trying to search for something. If you answer the question they are asking you, and you do a good job at it, you can definitely get more sales online using content videos and articles.

What I am going to show you has worked really good for me. It has worked well for everybody I know and if you have a good product or service that you can sell online, this will probably work well for you too.

Here’s the kind of effect you can achieve when you use content videos and content articles as your online never sleeping salesperson.

This is one of the blogs that we built in the mid-2016. We spent a lot of time writing the content. We quickly got a lot of traffic and then we decided to switch to the better hosting. And guess what? As stupid as it sounds, I forgot to take the backup of the website. There goes 6 months of efforts of me and more specifically, my business partner down the toilet. But at this point, we knew

1 How to build a user-friendly website and blog, so that, people don’t have to read a manual about how to use your website to get what they want.

2 How to write content that will actually make people want to read more, interact more and take action. [May it be "click on the ad" or "book an appointment with you". Or "buy from you"] instead of the content that people bookmark and regularly visit because it helps them to sleep.

3 How to run paid ads and get traffic from Google without burning a hole in your pocket

So I thought, hey why not use what I know to help other people. Specifically small business owners and local brands to get more customers online and hence we started Epiclancers . com

Epiclancers helps people who want to sell stuff online, may it be a product or service or a video course using videos and articles.

I take backups now...

I also teach you for free, how you can start marketing your content online starting today.

That’s what Rapid Results Marketing Training is all about.

It’s free to enroll and inside, you are going to get short case studies, real-life examples of the right and most importantly, wrong marketing approach.

You are going to learn 5 marketing hacks that you can start using instantly in your content videos and articles.

The goal of this marketing training is to make you say, “yes. I can see how I can get more sales online starting this month.”

And then help you create the content to get more clients and students and customers for your business.

I know this is going to sound like a scam or pushy marketing when I say,  You are also going to learn, a simple way of sending the same marketing message to the same people multiple times without sounding even remotely salesy obnoxious or weird.

but boy will you eat those words when you go through the first 11 videos, and start lesson 12. [They are short videos. It won’t take more than an hour to reach here.] Because when you use this simple way to craft your marketing message, you are actually going to build a lot of goodwill online and sell your stuff at the same time and people are going to chase you down to buy from you and they are going to leave a lot of good reviews.

Of course, I am not giving any income guarantees. I don't know exactly what you sell, I don't know if you are actually going to take time to learn everything and then apply it in your business./ but you are a smart person so you already know that.

There is nothing to sell here, it’s completely free for you to start learning. Just click the big button that you can see somewhere on this page to open a free account.  No credit card is required.just click the button below this video to start learning trust based digital marketing

See you inside.

Who is the target audience?

If you have an online Video Course, E-Book, Freelancing Services or Consulting Services and you are looking to Grow your revenue with the lesser hassle.

Online Teachers who want to get Rapid Results from their Marketing

If you have some product/service to sell, and you are looking to get more customers with the lesser hassle.

If you are looking to create the long-term, evergreen Marketing Automation for your business.

If you want to grow your revenue online by selling more of your products/services.

If you want to learn Marketing Fundamentals which you can apply in your business starting NOW.

If you want to Cut the theory, fluff and study only the things that are relevant, profitable for your online business in the long term.

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