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Monday, August 19, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-How to design a logo on illustrator - for beginners

[Udemy 100% Free]-How to design a logo on illustrator - for beginners

No experience in graphic design or illustrator but you want to learn what goes behind designing a logo? No problem! This course is for absolutely anyone who wants to get started with logo design.

I know the detailed courses or tutorials on Logo Design out there can be overwhelming sometimes for beginners. This course is short and very easy to understand, while also being fully equipped to get you started in designing a professional quality logo in no time!

Complete beginners to graphic design or logo design. No experience is required to gain the benefits from this course.

You could be someone working at an office, a freelancer, a housewife, a high-school/college student etc. if you have a hunger to learn, I will guide you through this course and you'll be designing awesome logos in no time.

The student only requires a working copy of Illustrator CC (preferably the latest version).

I am a professional graphic designer with over 5 years of experience, with experience as an In-house graphics designer for two of the largest MNCs in the world, including Uber and Reckitt Benkiser. Allot of my design involved around developing motion graphics, corporate brand identities and print design. I have built this course for anyone from any background to easily understand the process and elements required to design a professional Logo easily in the shortest amount of time. If you are a serious learner, within just a few minutes, you'll be designing professional quality Logos after taking this course.

My previous courses "Business Card design on Photoshop" and "Poster design in Photoshop - A Basic Guide for beginners"  attracted over 14,000+ students who are reaping the benefits everyday! Read about their experiences below -

"It's awesome and interactive. I've learned a lot  " - Benjamin-Whyss Olumide

"What I liked about your course was some of the links that you shared. I like watching your process of making it all come together. I picked up on some tips and tricks that seemed useful. I liked your use of simple objects to make a well presentable business card." - Maggie A

The course is for complete beginners. The student requires no prior experience with any sort of software. Anyone with a few minutes can learn the skill through this course. From the skill learnt from this course, students can easily design Logos, use for themselves or sell them on various online marketplaces to earn money right away.

Also, there are tons of FREEBIES as you go along the course. Students will receive various resources to help them out through out the lectures. The final lecture will have design assets for students to experiment with.

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