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Friday, August 23, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-The Skinny Fat Solution

[Udemy 100% Free]-The Skinny Fat Solution


Do you find yourself grinding away doing cardio, watching what you eat down to the bite, drinking the greenest smoothies you can make, riding the Paleo wave, and strictly avoiding refined sugar.... and you are STILL skinny fat? Oh, and super conscious about all of this...?

I know that feeling of frustration because I was a skinny fat guy. For years! You know, I looked good with clothes on until I had to take my shirt off...

This was my routine:
Religiously eat "clean calories" from health food shops (the more expensive the "better" for me)

Spend 2-3 hours a day doing group cardio classes to get my "sweat on"

Never do weight lifting because I didn't want to get "big"

....be patient and wait for my body to transform into a beach body... :)

After a good 18 months of running this routine. I was still rocking the skinny fat body (aka. "dad bod")

Not confident. Frustrated.

And then I turned the situation around and I am now a fitness model competitor.

If you run a routine like I did and suffering the impact of being a skinny fat. Don't worry. This course is designed for you! And don't worry, this course is also for the skinny fat ladies out there.

By the end of taking my course, you will be able to apply a simple 3-step action plan for reversing skinny fat.

The course breaks down like this:
Looking at how you became skinny fat in the first place (the problem)

Looking at how I became skinny fat (my personal story)

The 3-step action plan focusing on how you need to change your nutrition and training

The impact of taking supplements to reverse skinny fat

Come along and join me inside the course, you will love it :-)

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