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Sunday, August 4, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-ISTQB Foundation Level Training ※ (2018 Syllabus)

[Udemy 100% Off]-ISTQB Foundation Level Training ※ (2018 Syllabus) 

Experience based 'ISTQB Foundations' training program explaining latest exam questions with details of how 'testing' is done in real time? (since hundreds of Udemy courses are already available with theory explanations)

As part of this ISTQB training, syllabus 2018 has been followed throughout the training program and author explaining about each section of the ISTQB syllabus with some of the repeated questions asked in previous years.

Assignments,external links to relevant documentations such as JIRA,Test Plans,Test Strategies are provided for users to understand with best examples in each section.

600+ ISTQB Questions are answered with useful justifications to selected questions that would help readers to download and prepare for the ISTQB exams whenever before appearance.

Relevant Youtube video links are provided for readers to listen to some useful videos such as test execution etc.

This Career Development Program(CDP) has been designed to accommodate fresh and less experienced Information Technology professionals to learn software testing and move to Test Analyst roles with ISTQB CTFL certification

About Author:
Expertly leading, controlling and directing Quality Engineering for feature teams through dynamic engineering interventions.

Stellar test specialist with 11 awards, 19 international certifications, 8 published research papers and 5 best sellers across the world.

Implementing continued efforts to improve the test process (TPI Next*), innovate cutting edge technologies, volunteer for sharing technical knowledge via internal guilds and training series.

Endorsed by the Tech City, UK as an Exceptional Talent within the digital technology arena with a focus on delivering standards and high-end client experience.

Driving a team of fourteen quality engineers to display strong professionalism, best practices, coding standards, elevating industry trend towards innovation of niche tools and technologies.

Successfully designed GITHUB open-source testing projects & UDEMY training programs that are accessed globally and assists job seekers with the junior testing jobs.

Skilled in providing innovative solutions to complex technical issues, utilizing systems to re-engineer outdated processes and delivering world-class results.

For Your Reference:
Language: India and strong Indian accent of English (not suitable for few participants if no prior experience in hearing the English in Indian accent)

Course Content: Made based on the latest questions (rather than following out-dated theory)

Flow of Explanation: Based on prior testing experience rather than reading from slides. Reason being, anyone can read and understand from power point presentations. But knowledge and experience sharing will make a big difference while learning for a certification program.

Weight-age of the Course: First focus is on Assignments since it is a Career Development Program (rather than focusing on getting the participants to clear exams and forget the concepts later on); Second focus is on recent exam questions and explanation based on prior software testing experience (there are hundreds of Udemy courses available with theory explanations of ISTQB and rarely any program provided with explanation of industry experience).

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