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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Child Psychology; Neuroscience and Development for Parents

Child Psychology; Neuroscience and Development for Parents
About Child Psychology; Neuroscience and Development for Parents Course


It is not possible to have a true understanding of children and their behavior without understanding child development and neuroscience. Development is simply the understanding that we go through different stages after we are born, and each of these stages influences how we perceive the world, learn, encode things in memory, and so forth. Neuroscience focuses on studying the brain from the functional organization of cerebral systems and understanding neuro-chemical processes in the brain. I discuss memory, perception, learning, the prefrontal cortex, dopamine, and other neuroscience concepts that helps you understand why children behave the way they do.

The goal of the course is to cover the most important concepts, themes, and theories in psychology, and show how an understanding of neuroscience and the understanding of development, informs us about behavior.

Each lesson leaves you with an overall message, tips, advice, so you can utilize the concept/theme/theory covered. You will appreciate how culture, hormones, developmental stage, parenting styles, reinforcement, and other factors impact your child's development and behavior.

Note: If you have any doubts about your mental health, please see a psychiatrist or psychologist in your local community where you can get an in-depth assessment. This course is meant for informational purposes only. Do not attempt to diagnose yourself or your child based on the content here.

Ermin is a former Graduate student in Educational Psychology. Educational Psychology is a clinical specialization in psychology that attempts to apply psychological principles to answer education related questions (ie does my child have a learning disability?) and addresses mental health concerns in an educational context. (ie addressing anxiety, when it originates/impacts school). Ermin also has some clinical experience, and has taken a combined 50+ psychology courses at the undergrad and graduate level in Psychology.

  • child psychology
  • child development

  • Major theories and how they can help you raise well-adjusted and healthy children
  • How to utilize operant conditioning (ie reinforcement and punishment)
  • How hormones impact development
  • Parenting Styles


  • Just a working computer with a decent internet connection.
  • Some understanding of neuro-anatomy would be helpful but not required.

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