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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Full Stack JavaScript Web Development

Full Stack JavaScript Web Development
We have created this Fullstack JavaScript Web Development program as one stop solution for learning JavaScript web development. This course covers the entire JavaScript ecosystem starting from the very basics to real world app development using backend JavaScript programming.

We have worked hard to keep this program perfect for both beginners and intermediate developers. It focuses on practical JavaScript development and will teach you how JavaScript works under the hood. It will help you understand which JavaScript frameworks are best for you next project and how fundamentally they work. It will build your conceptual understanding and sharpen your practical skills.


A complete resource to learn Full stack JavaScript web development. This comprehensive program includes over 12 courses, 30 projects and hundreds of source code snippets. The only resource you will need to learn Full Stack web development.
Module 1: Introduction: HTML & CSS For Beginners
Module 2: Advanced CSS
Module 3: Html 5
Module 4: Programming in JavaScript
Module 5: Advance JavaScript
Module 6: ES6 and Modern Javascript
Module 7: TDD in Javascript
Module 8: JavaScript Frameworks
Module 9: Database Design
Module 10: PWA in JS
Module 11: NodeJS and ExpressJS Framework
Module 12: Ebook - Working on Opensource

Benefits of  Full Stack JavaScript Web Development

This course is an inexpensive way to learn real world programming. Most of the companies are now hiring Full Stack developers as it is easy to manage and build products with them. Full Stack developers enjoy higher salary and over all career growth. This course will help you quickly prepare you for challenging projects and professional JavaScript development. In addition to an exhaustive resource for learning you will also get an E-Degree certifying your credentials.
No more boring theory, let's get our hands dirty! Theory is important in understanding all the essentials of the topic. But in order to truly comprehend the subject, we have designed labs and projects. They are aimed at making sure that you are thorough with the course and can execute whatever you have learned in real-life scenarios.

Interview Preparation

“Just knowledge isn't enough. Time to groom you for your dream job interview!” In order to land your dream jobs, you need more than just theoretical knowledge. Standard questions and answering those with adequate explanation holds the key for you to get selected in your desired company. So, this E-Degree has a section entirely dedicated to prep you up for your next interview.

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