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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Full Stack MERN Web Development

Full Stack MERN Web Development

While most courses might offer theoretical knowledge about the subject, this Full Stack MERN Web Development Course offers so much more. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an advanced learner, you will equally benefit from this Course. If you are someone who wishes to learn all about MERN without paying the expensive college fees, this program is for you. This MERN Web Development Course is designed to make you absolutely through with the subject.

This Course contains courses, exams, labs, projects and quizzes which are designed to make any user proficient in their training. With this program, you will master all the facets of full-stack web development without any difficulties.


A set of hand-picked courses put together to meet all your requirements for becoming a full stack MERN web developer. This complete E-Degree program includes comprehensive courses, various labs and projects, quizzes, case studies, bonuses and so much more to ensure the complete learning of all the aspects of Mongo, Express Node and React.
Module 1: NodeJS and ExpressJS for Beginners
Module 2: React for Beginners - Starter Pack
Module 3: MongoDB : Beginners to Professional
Module 4: MERN in production : Application and Implementation

Benefits of Full Stack MERN Web Development

This program includes comprehensive courses, bonuses, case-studies and others for giving you a complete understanding of full-stack web development. It covers MongoDB which is the world’s most popular NoSQL Database; Express, the most popular web framework for Node; React, the front-end library for building interfaces and Node, a JavaScript runtime environment in detail. Moreover, you will let you build your own shopping carts, Content Management Systems, and others. You will also, master professional web building and app deployment with ease. In addition to all these, you will also learn to create your own React Set-Up, Building Calculator App with React and so much more


No more boring theory, let's get our hands dirty! Theory is important in understanding all the essentials of the topic. But in order to truly comprehend the subject, we have designed labs and projects. They are aimed at making sure that you are thorough with the course and can execute whatever you have learned in real-life scenarios.

Interview Preparation

“Just knowledge isn't enough. Time to groom you for your dream job interview!” In order to land your dream jobs, you need more than just theoretical knowledge. Standard questions and answering those with adequate explanation holds the key for you to get selected in your desired company. So, this E-Degree has a section entirely dedicated to prep you up for your next interview.

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