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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Sacred Geometry Foundation

Sacred Geometry Foundation

About Sacred Geometry Foundation Course

Geometry is an exploration of truth, the kind that is self-evident and universal. Where there is universal truth, there is also great beauty and from this a feeling of sacredness naturally arises. In this class you will learn everything you need to draw and experience the sacredness of geometry.

You can draw in this class using a pencil, paper, compass, straightedge (aka ruler) and/or using a free iOS app. In this course, I use Euclidea: Sketches, a 100% free iOS app, for the practical reason that it is far clearer to observe what I'm doing viewing my recorded iPad Pro screen than filming my drawing board.

To follow along with this course, you are welcome to use this app (or use another computer-aided drafting program), or draw by hand using the time-tested instruments of pencil, paper, compass and straightedge.

The following books are mentioned in the course; they're not required reading, but these are great books. If you end up loving geometry, you'll might want to eventually read some or all of these:

Drawing Geometry by Jon Allen ISBN 9780863156083
Ruler & Compass by Andrew Sutton ISBN 9780802717764
Sacred Geometry by Robert Lawlor ISBN 9780500810309
City of Revelation by John Michell ISBN 9780345236074
Euclid's Elements (first published circa 300 BCE, ISBN 9781375462631)

  • Understanding why fundamental geometry can be considered "sacred."
  • Accurate drawing with traditional and/or digital techniques.
  • Precise geometric constructions of many shapes.
  • Geometric approximations (aka "neusis" or marked ruler techniques)
  • Geometry skills
  • Understand the golden ratio
  • Feel the sacredness of pure geometry


  • No drawing experience is required.
  • You can take the course with traditional media including straightedge, compass, pencil and paper..
  • You can alternatively take the course with a free iOS app called "Euclidea: Sketches."
  • Curiosity about sacred geometry is all you need to know to take this course.
  • Be able to draw all the regular polygons from 3 sides up to 9 sides.
  • Construct golden ratios in many ways. Also understand what the golden ratio is and why it is important.
  • Divide line segments into any number of parts using several methods.
  • Bisect lines and angles, draw parallel and perpendicular lines. Draw lines and triangles tangent to circles.
  • Solve three ancient problems with geometric approximations.
  • Understand how simple geometries are related to planetary mean orbits, the tilt of the earth, the design of the Great Pyramid and more.
  • Construct classic diagrams including the flower of life, Metatron's cube and the 3d projection of a dodecahedron.

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