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Thursday, September 26, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-504 Absolutely Essential Words , Full Course

[Udemy 100% Free]-504 Absolutely Essential Words , Full Course
This is one of the biggest and most comprehensive vocabulary Courses of all time ....

we have spent more than 8 months preparing this great course which includes the most essential words ..

It includes 42 Great lessons , Each Lesson includes 5 Parts ,

1- words   2  words in moves   3 words in a story   4 speaking and Listening test    5 Quiz and Test

We do believe that following all of these parts will help you to remember these words for long ..

. If you use it intelligently, you will help yourself to strengthen and expand your

word knowledge. The words you will learn, moreover, are essential in that they are known and used regularly

by educated people. You will find that such words as squander, rehabilitate, blunder, obesity, and five

hundred more will turn up in your newspapers, in the magazines you read, in books, on television, in the

movies, and in the conversation of the people you meet daily.

504 Absolutely Essential Words is divided into 42 lessons, each containing 12 new words. Those words

are first presented to you in three sample sentences;

next, the new words appear in different movies and clips

then they appear in a brief passage and story ;

the last part of each lesson is a set of exercises that give you practice using the new words. One of the most

important features of 504 ... Words is that each of the new words is repeated over and over again

throughout this book so that you will have a greater chance to become familiar with it.

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