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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

[Udemy 100% Free]-Learn Linux The Easy Way

[Udemy 100% Free]-Learn Linux The Easy Way

 Let Students Say about the Course
I like that the instructor uses visuals and takes his time approaching each topic , since it is an introductory course it allows you not to presume any information and the instructors seems to stick to that... which is good for newbies


Great course if you like to step into Linux. I think the course is exactly what was promised. The most easy way to start your Linux journey. Well presented and lot of explanations given. Teaching style is direct and concise. One of the best Linux courses you can get.

  - Ashique Ali P

It is an excellent course, comprehensive and very well-explained .The lessons were very clear, and the Instructor is lecturing made it simple to understand.I recommend it to anyone interested in Linux .I looked forward to the time I could  listen and do the practical for remaining session.

 -Muhammed s

Very useful for the beginners like me and trainer used simple terms to easily understand

 -venkatesh Annapureddy

This course is for those who are absolute beginner to the Linux Operating system OR  those who know few basics of Linux but want to learn more advanced commands.

You will learn below topics in this course:

  • What is an operating System
  • What are the Components of an Operating system
  • What is Kernel
  • Brief History about Linux
  • What is a Free software / Free Operating system
  • What is GNU and GPL
  • Features of Linux
  • What is mean by Linux Flavor
  • What is CentOS and Redhat
  • Linux directory structure
  • Install CentOS on Virtual Box
  • What is a Shell
  • How to access a shell
  • How to use Linux Commands
  • Basics Linux Commands like list, change, view, rename, copy and remove Directories and files
  • Tab auto completion
  • Vi Editor
  • Different types of links and how to create, remove links
  • Switch user
  • What is Sudo user and how it is configured
  • Create user,group and set password
  • Variables
  • Searching for files and directories
  • Wild Cards
  • File Permissions, Different ways of setting file permissions
  • I/O Redirection
  • Pipe Redirection
  • How to use Grep, Pipe, I/O together
  • list processes and Kill Processes
  • Run Processes in back ground
  • System management commands like view disk usage, Physical Memory, CPU information, system run time, Kernel Version and Reboot/Shutdown
  • Remote Login
  • Network copying
  • Install/Uninstall RPM Packages

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