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Thursday, September 12, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Elementary Classical Chinese 小学文言文 V2-S26-50 QUIZ

[Udemy 100% Off]-Elementary Classical Chinese 小学文言文 V2-S26-50 QUIZ

Classical Chinese (文言文) , also known as Literary Chinese, is the language of the classic literature from the end of the Spring and Autumn period through to the end of the Han dynasty, a written form of Old Chinese. Classical Chinese is a traditional style of written Chinese that evolved from the classical language, making it different from any modern spoken form of Chinese. Literary Chinese was used for almost all formal writing in China until the early 20th century.

Most Chinese people with at least a middle school education are able to read basic Classical Chinese, because the ability to read (but not write) Classical Chinese is part of the Chinese middle school and high school curricula and is part of the college entrance examination. Modern plain style Chinese language (白话文) vocabularies are originated from Classical Chinese (文言文). So, you can consider Classical Chinese is the origin of modern Chinese language. In order for you to trace the root of Chinese language and reach proficient level in Chinese, we present a whole set of Classical Chinese (文言文), namely:

Elementary Classical Chinese 小学文言文 50 篇

Middle School Classical Chinese 中学文言文 100 篇

High School Classical Chinese 高中文言文 100 篇

We will give Classical Chinese and plain style Chinese language interpretation. We also give detail Chinese-English bilingual vocabulary explanations and expansions. Please pay attention to this part which will expand your vocabularies significantly! Each PDF book will contain 25 articles and will be launched within 3 months. Related online quiz and Video course with detail explanations by our teacher will be launched separately in our online system.

Schools and centers can use this as textbook or extra reading. We are licensing program for school and centers. Please contact info@edeo.biz or Any inquires and FREE Trial request, please email: david@edeo.biz

or Whatapp: +60163863716

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