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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

[Udemy 100% Off]-Nmap for Information Security Professionals

[Udemy 100% Off]-Nmap for Information Security Professionals
Welcome to the Nmap for Information Security Professionals Course!

Nmap is a popular tool used by Network and Security Professionals. The developer's community of the tool working really hard to keep Nmap updated according to market need. This is the reason that most of them uses it.

If you are an Ethical Hacker, this is the best tool for recon your targets if you have proper skills to use it. This is the tool, in which you should have expertise.

If you are Network Security Professional then being an expert of this tool will let you find weakness in Network Infrastructure and it will help to make it more secure.

Being an Ethical Hacker, Network and System administrator or Pentester, this is the tool without which you can't be a good expert.

This course will start with basic Nmap commands, which will prepare your mind to get-set with the tool. Step by Step, you will be introduced to different sections, which will be focusing on specific topic. So, as you start completing the sections, you will be getting more power to your hands with practical-skill sets on making your own commands.

This course is best suitable for students with technical mind and having interest in Ethical Hacking and Network Security. This tool can be  best for Reconnaissance. Recon Wins it All!

After completing the course, you will have power and understanding to execute your custom commands in Nmap based on your target. You will have understanding that weather you should run Safe Scan or Offensive Scan on target. You will be able to find Vulnerabilities and possible Exploits on target system.

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