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Saturday, October 26, 2019

Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide

Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide

About Docker for Professionals: The Practical Guide Course

Installing a software wasn't always this easy it required dedicated systems with hardware sets that catered to the needs of the software. You now want to port your software to another system? Another OS? It just couldn't be done! All of that was before Docker.

So, what is Docker?

Docker is a container that wraps a piece of software into a complete file system, including everything the file would require to run (code, runtime, system tools, etc.). It then allows you to ship and use this container on any environment, regardless of the system requirements or the operating system. Your app or system will become a portable container that you can use and discard as you please.

Want to create an app on Linux and test it on Windows or OSX? Now you can! No need to create special virtual machines anymore, all you need is Docker. This nifty tool simplifies the process of creating, shipping and deploying applications without having to worry about the environment it is being run on. Docker also does not alter any system files and only allows access to the system files that it has received permission for. Done with your app? Simply uninstall the Docker container and viola, its done. Docker does not alter or manipulate any internal system files, which means installing and uninstalling Docker will leave your system intact.

Sounds like a great tool to advance your career? Or to bulk up your resume? We think so too! This is why we have designed an extensive course to help you master Docker from scratch.

Don't know anything about Docker? No problem. You will learn everything you need to know about virtual machines, containerization, a detailed analysis of DevOps, what is Docker, how to use Docker, what are Docker containers, and so on.

The course has been designed for beginners, to not only understand Docker, but also its background, its role in the development industry and why one should bother spending the extra hours learning this amazing software. Designed by industry experts, this course is your one-stop-shop for Docker.

In this course, you will learn:

A brief introduction to DevOps
Docker-what it is, why it exists, its background and even an example
How to install and use the docker containers,
How to use Docker in software installations and understand its persistent storage
All the different kinds of containers and how to create and maintain networking in Docker
How to package software in images for Docker
How to build automation and advanced image considerations
Distributing your software and registries
Docker clusters, the Docker Machine and also Docker Swarm
The course also includes labs and exercises after each section, helping you not only learn but also test yourself to remember. With so much packed in this comprehensive course, what are you waiting for? Click enroll and master Docker.


  • DevOps
  • Docker


  • Learn to use Docker for professional and hobby projects
  • Master the concepts and tricks to get started on Docker
  • Work on live and practical projects
  • Learn to plan your development and infrastructure schedule with Docker


  • Student should have basic knowledge of Linux before starting the course

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