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Friday, October 25, 2019

Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS

Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS

About Learn to Build Apps for Apple WatchOS Course

Technology is constantly changing at a rapid pace, with trends now shifting from having the technology in the user’s hands to putting in on the user’s wrist. We went from bulky desktop computers to laptops, to personal digital assistants to smartphones and now smart watches.

Apple Watch is one of the most popular smartwatches that are currently on the market with a lot of developers looking to design applications for the powerful watch. Similar to the iOS that is the standard operating system on Apple phones, WatchOS is the operating system Apple has released for their Apple Watch.

WatchOS is based on the iOS and shares numerous features with the operating system. With the smart wearables being the future of smart technology, it is imperative that developers focus on developing applications for this gadget.

Before you jump on starting with the development of your app, you must understand that although the WatchOS similar to the iOS, it still is significantly different from the latter.

This has been the driving force for our comprehensive course that starts at the beginning with the WatchOS and aims to teach you how to successfully develop an app for the Apple Watch.

Not only will the course cover the Watch OS 1 and how it works in relation to the iOS App, but also Watch OS 2 and how it differs from the Watch OS 2. It will also go over the latest features that were added in Watch OS 2 by Apple, including multiple watch faces, customizable complications, Nightstand mode, Time Travel, etc.

The WatchOS tutorial starts at the beginning with what is WatchOS, making it the perfect tutorial for beginners. However, advanced users fret not, the course also offers numerous other tricks and techniques that you can definitely add to your skillset.

In this course, you will learn:
  • What is the WatchOS and what it can do?
  • Becoming familiar with the WatchOS architecture and the Watch App Life Cycle
  • Working with the Watch interface and learning its controls
  • Building a WatchOS Application and making it communicate with the iOS App
  • Implementing features such as Glances and Notifications
  • Understanding and incorporating Force Touch, Digital Crown, Haptic Feedback, Watchkit and Handoff.
  • Submit the app to the App Store

With so much to learn about the future of technology, it is no wonder a lot of developers are going to start shifting from develop web applications and smart phone applications and instead focus on developing applications for smartwatches. Enroll now and become an Apple Watch wizard.


  • iOS development
  • WatchOS


  • Learn to create apps for the WatchOS
  • Learn to interact between your iPhone and the Wearable
  • Learn what is new in WatchOS
  • Create seamless apps which work together on iOS and WatchOS


  • Students should be familiar with swift and iOS before taking this course
  • Students should be familiar with swift and iOS before taking this course

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