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Thursday, October 10, 2019

NodeJS for Beginners

NodeJS for Beginners

About NodeJS for Beginners Cours

Node.Js is a highly popular open source, JavaScript run-time environment that has existed for almost 9 years. It is extremely powerful and has everything you need to run a program written in JavaScript. Its benefits include connecting to a database, configure servers, making queries and a lot more. Its popularity can be concluded by the list of its clients such as Walmart, Yahoo!, Groupon, Netflix, LinkedIn, Paypal and many more. In this course, youll learn Node.Js right from scratch and gain proficiency by building your very own server. So, if you are a beginner, this course is highly recommended for you. Along with that, youll also learn how to use the Node package manager and how to use it for installing other node packages. 

The contents of this course includes:
  • Intro To Node.Js, Installing Node and Hey There Node!
  • Function Expressions, Modules, Multiple Modules and Event Emitter
  • Read & Write Files along with Creating & Removing Directories
  • Creating Our Own Server
  • Readable Stream, Writable Stream and Serving HTML Pages
  • Sending JSON Data, Simple Routing and Node Package Manager
  • Package JSON File and Installing Nodemon
  • Introduction To Express, Route Params and Templating Engine
  • Passing Complex Data To Templates
  • So what are you waiting for? Take this course and master the essentials of Node.Js in no time!
  • NodeJS
  • Creating own server
  • Configure backend using Nodejs
  • web development programming languages


  • Basic Knolwedge of JavaScript

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